Diabolical Showrunner Discusses Changes He Would Make In Season 2

Along with many other trends recently, it seems that every popular live-action series also has to have an animated spinoff at some point. Following in the footsteps of Netflix’s The Witcher, Amazon Prime Videos The Boys recently debuted its own animated show, The Boys Presents: Diabolical, with brand-new stories, various animation styles and an expansion into areas that the live-action flagship series have not touched yet. Now showrunner Simon Racioppa has been discussing where he would like to take the second season of cartoon adventures for The Boys.

The first season of Diabolical featured several different writers and directors, ensuring that each episode had its own feel and look. The writing team included Seth Rogen, Andy Samberg and Justin Roiland, while directors like Futurama and Disenchanted helmer Crystal Chesney, and Giancarlo Volpe, who previously worked on Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Although the series featured some familiar faces and voices, from The Boys, the main aim of the series was to introduce and delve into new characters that have so far not made an appearance in the live-action show.


Racioppa talked about his thoughts for a second season at a WonderCon 2022 panel, saying that Diabolical is a show that has been able to go places that the main show has not so far. While that may continue in future episodes, fans should not expect it to be “just eight episodes of eleven minutes again.” The showrunner said:

“I would like a second season to be completely brand new. I think the promise of Diabolical is that it’s a grab bag of stuff that you have not seen before, stuff that we have not done before, stuff that you are not seeing on the mother ship, on the main Boys show or any of the other Boys universe stuff – it has to be completely new. So, I would come back and surprise you with something that you are not expecting, so probably whatever I can say is that it will not be just eight episodes of eleven minutes again. “

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The Boys Presents: Diabolical Has Not Yet Been Renewed for a Second Season


Although The Boys is one of Prime Video’s most popular shows, a second season of its animated spinoff show is yet to be green-lit. However, with season 3 of the main series set to arrive this summer, it’s hard to see why that is not just a formality, especially when another spinoff focusing on a Supes College is already well into development and Prime Video is certain to want to keep interest in The Boys as fresh as possible.

In a recent interview, Karl Urban, who stars in the series as Billy Butcher, seemed to reveal that a fourth season of The Boys is already being produced when he said, “I’m shooting The Boys through the end of the year. ” Although it is by no means a confirmation that the dysfunctional superheroes will be back for a fourth season, it is already known that season 3 wrapped up some time ago, meaning that the filming Urban alluded to is clearly for new episodes. Season 3 of The Boys will make its debut on Jun 3, 2022and we can probably expect some official confirmation of where the franchise goes next after this.

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