DC Fans Call for Grant Gustin to Replace Ezra Miller as DCEU’s The Flash

Following reports that Ezra Miller could be kicked out of the DCEU, the Arrowverse’s Grant Gustin trended as fans’ favorite replacement.

The Flash Season 8 and Season 9 Talks Were Happening Before the Shutdown

Ezra Miller has been in the headlines quite a lot recently, but not for good reasons. Following their recent arrest in Hawaii for causing a disturbance in a bar, the actor’s behavior has now seemingly started to cast doubt over his future movie projects, including The Flash movie. While it is unlikely that Warner Bros. would be willing to scrap The Flash at this point, that has not stopped DC fans from launching a campaign to have Grant Gustin take over the part of The Flash in the DCEU after leading the Arrowverse TV show for coming up to nine seasons.

Ezra Miller has played Barry Allen in the DCEU since Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justiceand has recently completed filming on The Flash solo movie, which is currently set to release next year. The movie is set to break into DC’s multiverse and feature more than one version of The Flash, as well as multiple Batmen and more. After waiting a long time for their own movie, though, Miller’s recent headline-grabbing actions could have put their DCEU future in jeopardy.


Last month, it was reported that Miller had been arrested for disorderly conduct and harassment after screaming at a couple and attempting to assault someone. This was followed by reports that they had also had a restraining order taken out against them after another incident, and it all comes after previous reports of Miller’s erratic behavior, including appearing to choke a young woman in a video released online. All of this has come to a head with Warner Bros. alleged to have called a meeting to discuss the actor’s future in the DCEU. The possibility of Miller being ejected from the DC movie franchise was enough for Grant Gustin to start trending on Twitter as a potential replacement.

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Ezra Miller’s Recent Actions Have Led to More Reports of ‘Meltdowns’

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While their arrest seems to have been the final straw for Warner Bros. the recent slew of headlines about the actor’s volatile behavior has led to other alleged reports about his time on the set of The Flash. It has been said that Miller had “frequent meltdowns” while shooting the movie, and although it was said that none of those incidents resulted in violence, it is clear that Miller’s problems have been building for some time.

Although the previous incident of Miller choking a female fan occurred in 2020 before they began filming The Flash movie, there were seemingly no discussions about that being a big enough problem for Warner Bros. to think about replacing them in their big-budget movie at the time. However, it looks like there has been a point reached when bosses have to take action to limit damage to their biggest franchise. While it is not likely that anyone is going to suggest reshooting The Flash movie to remove Miller unless there is a dramatic change in their frequent misdemeanors, their future as part of the DCEU, and other projects, is on very uncertain ground.

The Flash Movie Is Rumored to Include Grant Gustin Cameo

The Flash Movie Is Rumored to Include Grant Gustin Cameo

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