Rob Zombie Gives First Real Look at The Munsters Movie

Over the last few months, it seems that any time Rob Zombie has not been working on his new take on The Munsters, he has been sharing images, information, and videos about the making of the movie on his social media accounts. From the moment Zombie announced that he would be bringing the beloved spooky family back to screens in what has been a project he seems to have been waiting his whole career to get his teeth into, he certainly isn’t doing things by halves. In his latest shared post on InstagramZombie has given a first look at an actual scene from the movie being filmed, and it is everything anyone could have hoped for.


Having made a name for himself with bloody horror movies such as House of 1000 Corpses and its sequels as well as the 2007 reboot of the Halloween franchise, there was a belief for a long time that Zombie’s movie could be about to take a dark and horrific turn, but as it turns out the film will be the director’s first foray into family-friendly territory and will be rated PG when it is released later this year.

After sharing numerous images of the building of Mockingbird Lane, make-up and costume designs, and more, Zombie today shared a photo of his production monitor as he films a scene featuring Grandpa, Herman and Lily Munster, played by Daniel Roebuck, Jeff Daniel Phillips and Sheri Moon Zombie respectively.

Commenting on the post, Zombie wrote:

“A view from my monitor. Three very tired Munsters trying to conserve their energy between takes. It’s been a tough one for this trio. Three hours in makeup – 14 hours of shooting – one hour of clean-up. Then a drive back to the hotel, grab a few zzz and straight back on set. It’s definitely the end of a long day here. Outside the stage the [sun] is definitely beginning to rise. Working from sunrise to sunrise. Cheers to these three for always bringing the thunder. ”

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Fans Are Desperate To See A Trailer For Rob Zombie’s The Munsters

Rob Zombie

Although time has been very different in the world of movie-making these last two years, the development and production of The Munsters has been a long one, and with there now being quite a bit of footage in the can, fans have been hoping that it could almost be time to get to see a trailer of some description for the movie. With Zombie detailing the grueling shooting schedule he has been putting the cast through, it is clear that he is not wanting to spend more time than he has to get the film finished and ready to go, which means that trailer could be just around the corner .

Of course, as a long-time fan of The Munsters, you would expect that the movie is in the safest hands it possibly can be, but as has been seen in the past, that does not always translate into a final product that hits the spot with everyone. While a herculean effort has been put into recreating the home of the familymodernizing the look of the characters but keeping their iconic appearance intact, and bringing The Munsters to a whole new generation, how it all comes together is something we can only wait to find out.

Rob Zombie Reveals First Look at The Munsters Reboot Cast

Rob Zombie Reveals First Look at The Munsters Reboot Cast

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