Will The Batman Spin-off Series Work as Well as Peacemaker?

The Batman has been out in theaters for over a month now and has raked in more than $ 700 million at the worldwide box office, as well as being acclaimed by both critics and fans alike. The movie, set in a different universe than the DCEU, follows Bruce Wayne / Batman as he attempts to solve Riddler’s psychotic games and has quickly brought the masked-vigilante roaring back to life. Despite how fans or critics might feel about Ben Affleck’s turn as the winged vigilantethe overall feedback was that a change was needed – and Robert Pattinson and Matt Reeves delivered in every possible way.

With how well the movie has done, DC has already ordered two shows from the new Batman universe that will air on HBO Max, following the lead of James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad doing a spin-off series for Peacemaker on the same streaming network. That being said, audiences had no idea the Peacemaker series was even in the works (let alone just a few months away from airing), while fans were informed of the two new Batman spin-off shows before The Batman even premiered (to build hype). So, with how well Peacemaker has done for DC, are The Batman series capable of competing with their new HBO Max threat?


Peacemaker Had More Screen Time

James Gunn's The Suicide Squad
Warner Bros.

Rightly so, The Batman was a movie about Batman, and the three-hour movie reflected it with Bruce Wayne and his dark-alias appearing in nearly every scene. In the same light, The Suicide Squad was an ensemble movie and did a great job reflecting it. Once the team was assembled, there was seldom a moment when they all were not on-screen together. With that in mind, audiences need to remember that (even though his spin-off series was a surprise) Peacemaker got a decent amount of screen time in The Suicide Squad due to the fact that he was a prominent member of the ensemble, paired with how he ended up turning on the team which gave his character more depth.

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Meanwhile, one of The Batman shows is centered around Penguin. This character got virtually zero screen-time in the movie due to the multitude of different villains and stories weaving through the narrative. Now, do not get us wrong – Colin Farrell was unrecognizable and did a phenomenal job as the antagonist. However, his role seemed to be reduced to little more than a cameo with the introduction of Falcone (John Turturro), and his presence only seemed necessary because fans already knew a spin-off was planned.

Unfortunately, the same holds true for the upcoming Arkham Asylum series. Riddler and the surprise cameo from Joker set up the sequel, but the two of them combined still had very little screen time and more or less just made fans curious about what other villains are lurking in the wings of Arkham. In short, Peacemaker was a surprise treat for fans, while the Penguin and Arkham Asylum series will both have expectations to meet, and hopefully, they can.

Fans Know Penguin & Arkham Asylum

The Batman
Warner Bros.

While Peacemaker might have had the upper hand in shock factor, the new Batman spin-offs have one advantage over the Suicide spin-off. Penguin and Arkham Asylum are much more known among the comic book and cinematic communities. Peacemaker’s appearance in The Suicide Squad was the first that audiences have ever gotten to see a live-action rendition of the character. In contrast, Arkham Asylum and Penguin have been presented in countless forms of media over the decades, including prior Batman films.

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That, combined with how well Colin Farrell and Paul Dano did in their roles, equals a ton of hype for two shows that have not given any clue as to when a release date will occur. So, while Peacemaker may have been something unexpected for fans to enjoy, the Penguin and Arkham Asylum series are two projects that fans can look forward to for quite a while before they’re rewarded for their patience.

The Films Have Similar Ratings

John Cena in HBO Max's Peacemaker

Peacemaker had the advantage of surprise, and the Penguin / Arkham Asylum series have the advantage of notoriety. Still, one area where they’re pretty much deadlocked is how well the projects they spun-off from did among critics and fans. The Suicide Squad scored a successful 90% on Rotten Tomatoesa 7.2 on IMDb, and a 72% on Metacritic. The Batman followed up with a Rotten Tomatoes score of 85%, an 8.3 on IMDb, and also scored 72% on Metacritic. So, with Peacemaker having the upper hand in one area, the Penguin / Arkham Asylum having the upper hand in another, and both of their predecessor projects scoring highly / similarly among critics, it might be safe to say that only time will tell with this one and fans will just have to be patient to find out how well the Penguin / Arkham Asylum series’ do.


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