These Are Some Of The Best French Movies On Netflix

Streaming services like Netflix have made it even simpler for fans to learn about other cultures through films from around the world, thanks to th inclusion of great international movies on Netflix and other platforms. With a world so diverse and beautiful, and with 97% of American audiences watching non-English programming on Netflix, the streamer has evidently succeeded in gathering a vast range of great movies globally over the years.

Netflix is ‚Äč‚Äčconstantly adding appreciated movies, and France has provided movie lovers with an array of brilliant selections. No matter what mood you’re in, there’s always something for everyone in these titles, from a classic French romance, some of the best comedies on Netflix to make you laugh, or a thrilling drama that fans can dig into. Whenever you need something new to watch and want to try a different culture (or even to learn a new language), Netflix provides a selection that’s sure to please. These are some of the best French movies streaming on Netflix.

7 The Intouchables

A man pushes another in a wheelchair in The Intouchables

In what became a huge box-office hit in France, and is now greatly appreciated globally, The Intouchables is a heart-warming comedy-drama following a budding relationship between two men. Phillipe is a millionaire who becomes paralyzed from the waist down in a paragliding accident. Driss, on the other hand, is on parole for robbery and applies for a job to be Phillipe’s caretaker.

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Driss is the perfect man for the job, with a cheeky and bubbly personality, and Phillipe soon realizes that he did not need someone to merely take care of him, rather someone to ultimately cheer him up and be his friend. As audience get to witness a beautiful, feel good friendship blossom, The Intouchables, which earned over $ 400 million worldwide, proves that love and friendship can take over any social and economic differences. This movie, without a doubt, can find a place in anyone’s heart.

6 I Lost My Body

An animated boy and girl hold hands in I Lost My Body

I Lost My Body (I lost my body) is a 2019 French animated film following the journey of a severed hand making its way through Paris’ streets to reunite with its owner, Naoufel. As Naoufel’s tragic story is told in flashbacks, the audience is taken along the story, viewing the streets of Paris in an entirely new light, exploring deep themes of loss, guilt and blame. The storytelling within this movie is emotional, as we travel through Naoufel’s memories to reach the bottom of why his severed hand is longing to find him again. It’s a surprisingly moving, whimsical drama.

5 I am Not an Easy Man

A woman drinks a beer and a man recoils on a couch in I Am Not An Easy Man

I Am Not An Easy Man introduces us to Damian, a blatantly sexist male supremacist, with all the benefits of living in a patriarchal society. He floats through life reasonably carefree and without any consideration of his sexist behaviors or attitude. That is, until he suffers a concussion, causing his world as he knows it to change completely. Damien wakes up and finds himself in an almost alternate universe, where gender roles are reversed. He must quickly negotiate his new existence as he is exposed to the same sexist abuse he had subjected women to throughout his life. The film’s strength lies in its exploration of the parts of culture that may alter with women in power and how it shows the ways in which some men disregard women in the real world. Still, it’s a lighthearted comedy that’s an easy, comforting must-watch.

4 Brother

A group of kids in a convertible having a good time in Brother

Brother (My brother) is a French drama following Teddy, who is accused of the murder of his abusive father and in protection of his younger brother. Teddy is then sent to a youth detention center, and the film follows his adjustment to this new and scary life. We are shown the ins and outs of the detention center and the institutionalization of youth, and how Teddy struggles to push his way through to the end. Brother is an engrossing, thoughtful, and emotional movie, allowing the audience to connect and sympathize with Teddy’s shy, quiet behavior, engrossed in the most testing, unnerving atmosphere.

3 The Most Assassinated Woman in the World

A woman's eyeliner runs as she cries angrily in The Most Assassinated Woman in the World

The French mystery thriller The Most Assassinated Woman in the World (The most assassinated woman in the world) follows an actress in a Parisian theater who is famous for being murdered in every theatrical production on stage, and how her real life starts to draw startling comparisons to her stage life as a deadly stalker emerges from the darkness. The movie is characterized by extreme violence, and what thriller lovers adore, plenty of blood and gore. What is known as the city of love quickly becomes a scene of grisly murders. The audience is given a glimpse into how obsessed fans can be, made all the more disturbing by the film being based on a true story of real-life actress Paula Maxa.

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2 Divines

Two girls holding their arms up in a convertible driving down the champs elysses in Divines
Diaphana Films

Divines follows two girls in the French housing projects trying to make it big in the criminal underworld. Douina engages in petty crimes with her best friend Maimouna, but wanting to move up in the world and avoid the life of poverty led by her mother, Douina decides to work for a drug dealer. This movie is ultimately two women’s coming-of-age story about trying to escape their nightmare and follow their individual dreams. The relationship between the two best friends is captivating and authentic, showing how their friendship grows and is constantly tested, and will leave the viewers in tears from its raw beauty.

1 The African Doctor (Welcome to Marly-Gomont)

The Congolese family walks holding umbrellas in the street in The African Doctor
Mars Films

This comedy-drama The African Doctor (Welcome to Marly-Gomont) takes a surprisingly lighthearted view on the sensitive topic of race. When Congolese doctor Seyolo Zantoko finishes medical school, he moves his family to a rural (all-white) village in France. This is the village’s first Black family, and the locals become highly weary of them. The movie explores cultural and racial clashes, shown when the children get teased at school and the doctor’s wife struggles to make friends.

However, it remains extremely lighthearted and comedic, as the dark and even serious matters are handled in a satirical and humorous manner. The balance between comedy and drama emphasizes the real life and relatable situations that people deal with and allows the audience to understand the conflict of race, but also the struggles of marriage as Seyolo and his wife go through in difficult times.

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