Why Robin Needs an Into the Spider-Verse Style Film

DC has made a roaring comeback in the entertainment world with their latest movies and TV shows knocking it out of the park. Projects like The Batman, The Suicide Squad, Joker, Peacemaker, and many more have been praised as some of DC’s best work in years, and fans are happy to be back in theaters watching their favorite heroes. That being said (other than Peacemaker), DC still has not decided to delve further into their pool of characters for cinematic or televised releases. The studio continues to produce projects that star the most well-known heroes, such as BatmanSuperman, and Wonder Woman.

There’s nothing wrong with that, and DC had clearly found a groove that works for them, so it might not be the smartest move to deviate from that course just yet. But keeping that idea in mind, DC could still produce content about some of their most well-known characters that have not gotten much cinematic spotlight – one of which is Robin. The Boy Wonder has yet to truly be utilized properly on the big screen. With a character so well-known (and with so many different renditions), there’s only one logical way that DC should honor the character with a movie – in the same style Marvel did for Into the Spider-Verse. The animated movie was drawn like a cinematic comic book and brought all the different versions of Spider-Man into one movie. Here’s why DC should do the same thing with Robin.


The Many Versions of Robin

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Just like how there have been so many different renditions of Spider-Man, there have been plenty of different Robins over the years, all of them having significant backstories, character arcs, and carrying the title of the Boy (and sometimes Girl) Wonder with honor. The first Robin was Dick Grayson, who later became Nightwing, a superhero in his own right who became a well-known member of the crime-fighting community. The second was Jason Todd, who was killed by the Joker and later resurrected to become the Red Hood.

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The list goes on and on and consists of Tim Drake, Stephanie Brown, Damian Wayne, and Carrie Kelley – all of whom have assumed the title of Robin. With so many different character styles, it would only make sense to put them all in one project together. In fact, DC is in the process of releasing a video game entitled Gotham Knights, which centers around the very same premise – Robin, Nightwing, Red Hood, and Batgirl’s take on crime in Gotham after Batman dies. If it works for a video game, odds are it could be worked into a movie.

Batman Could Be A Villain

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While Batman is dead in the Gotham Knights video game, it does not mean he would have to be dead in a movie that centers around all the different versions of Robin. It’s one of the very few projects that could work having Batman as a villain. Everybody knows that Batman fights for justice, but he does so through his dark side. He’s always been seen as a tad unstable because his emotions of hatred and revenge can sometimes drive him into his endeavors (even if he refuses to kill).

With that being said, it could be a true emotional roller coaster for fans if Batman was somehow turned into a villain for a film where he would then be forced to take on all of his former protegees at once. After all, fans have seen evil versions of Batman before (The Batman who Laughs), and it would not be that hard to incorporate such a narrative into a Robin-centered movie. Plus, it would be a way to add the most well-known DC character into the project while keeping him out of the spotlight for a change.

DC’s Animated Success

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Even if all the Robins were able to get together in one movie, why should it be animated? While DC struggled for a few years in the live-action department, their animated projects have always been seen as their best work. The DC animated universe consists of dozens of different projects – Batman: The Killing Joke, Superman: Doomsday, Justice League Dark – and fans have always praised the material. So, it makes perfect sense for DC to continue their animated success by doing a movie in the same style that Into the Spider-Verse did.

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Not only was Spider-Verse unanimously praised for its animation style, but it has also widely become recognized as one of the best animated projects of all time (and arguably the greatest Spider-Man movie ever). With how much fans loved the animation style, combined with how well DC does animated projects, it’s the logical move for DC to follow in Marvel’s footsteps and try to create their own version – and Robin is the perfect character to do it with.


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