Will Family Guy Ever Get a Movie?

Few television shows have ever been able to pull off the feat of transcending time, passing by year after year and never fading from our screens – Family Guy is one such show. Premiering in 1999 (and being canceled and brought back multiple times), the series has become one of the longest-running television shows of all time, spanning more than two decades and 20 seasons, with the 21st season set to begin in September. Regardless of how some viewers might feel about the obscene / offensive comedy, it’s unquestionable that the show has attained a level of success that few other shows can match.

With all of that being said, it seems like the clear next step for Family Guy to take would be to expand into the cinematic universe by doing a movie. While a Family Guy movie was released in 2005, it was straight-to-DVD and did not appear in theaters). Unfortunately, it does not seem like fans will get a proper feature film anytime soon due to a multitude of reasons, and creator Seth MacFarlane might be running out of time when it comes to the patience of his loyal fans.


Multiple False Reports

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To be fair, it’s not like a Family Guy movie has not been in the works; it’s just been a long time coming. The earliest reports of a film were leaked back in 2011-2012, with a new leak seemingly coming out at least once a year after that. In fact, a quick Google search shows ‘confirmed updates’ for a Family Guy movie in the years 2016, 2018, 2019, and 2021 … none of which amounted to anything. One of the moments that generated the biggest buzz was in 2014 when MacFarlane admitted in an interview that it was in the works but that they were still coming up with the right story.

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As most viewers know, the show often likes to poke fun at the fact that the show is very similar to another adult animated comedy that has transcended time – The Simpsons. In an episode, Peter Griffin has even introduced himself as the “second-best Homer.” The Simpsons decided to make the cinematic leap 18 years after the comedy began, and the movie was a huge hit. So, with Family Guy over two decades old and about to enter its 21st season, it only makes sense that they follow The Simpsons’ lead.

Macfarlane Is Busy

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There would be no Family Guy without Seth MacFarlane – period. The comedic genius has risen to become one of the most prolific and noticeable actors / producers / directors in all of Hollywood, regardless of the fact that he’s only acting with his voice most of the time. MacFarlane is one of the few people on Earth who is talented enough to possibly become an EGOT (win an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony award), and his busy schedule reflects it. Despite being the creator of Family Guy and still lending his voice to most of the main characters, he has a ton of irons in the fire when it comes to his career, and he’s always been that way.

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Unfortunately, that means that the only reason fans have not gotten a Family Guy movie yet is that MacFarlane has other things he’s doing. Now, as fans of his work, audiences should appreciate and be glad about the fact that one of the world’s most brilliant and hilarious creators is giving them more content to enjoy. But on the other hand, a Family Guy movie has been on fans’ wishlist for over a decade now, and they’re becoming a little restless.

What Would It Be About?

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The other major hurdle aside from MacFarlane being so busy is that MacFarlane has made it clear from the get-go that a movie would have to revolve around a story that could not be done in a regular episode of the show. When the major buzz of a potential film came in 2014, MacFarlane commented on how much he loved The Simpsons movie but also made a comment about how he thought that they still could have done that story in a regular episode of The Simpsons – he does not want to do that with Family Guy.

So, what could the movie possibly be about that would not allow it to be done in a televised setting? One of the prevailing theories is that the Griffins will get wrapped up in one of Stewie’s sci-fi inventions and possibly end up traveling to the ‘real world,’ thus allowing Family Guy to do a live-action movie with the characters. Regardless of what the movie contains, the film has been teased since 2011, and fans are beginning to wonder if the dragged-out process will be worth it.


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