7 Characters We Want to See in the Paramount + TV Series

Halo has become the latest video game to receive a live-action adaptation. Games like Sonic the Hedgehog, Mortal Kombatand Detective Pikachu have been translated for the big screen, but Halo has become an original series on Paramount +. The series was able to finally get off the ground after many years in purgatory development. It has presented fans with a new take on the Halo universe, taking them back to the days of the Human-Covenant War.

Paramount has announced that they have already renewed the series for a second season. The Halo universe is massive, full of potential and incredible storytelling opportunities. While Paramount’s Halo series takes place in a continuity separate from the games, they still have over 20 years of video game characters and stories to pull from. As Master Chief says at the end of Halo: Combat Evolved, “We are just getting started.” Here are some of the characters we want to see as the show progresses.

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7 Edward Buck

343 Industries

This one is a no-brainer. Gunnery Sergeant Edward Buck was an Orbital Drop Shock Trooper during the Human-Covenant War, eventually leading the ODST squad Alpha-Nine. Appearing in Halo 3: ODST, Halo: Reachand later Halo 5: Guardiansreintroduced as a Spartan-IV, Buck has always been a fan-favorite character. His bravery, heroism, sense of humor, and charm make him one of the greatest characters in the Halo franchise. The Halo television series has already had Jen Taylor from the games reprise her role as Cortana. Nathan Fillion could be the next to follow suit and become part of the franchise’s live-action future. Fillion is a busy man working in Hollywood, but there’s no requirement that he has to be a main character on the show.

6 Gabriel Thorne

343 Industries

Those who played Spartan Ops in Halo 4 will be familiar with the Spartan by the name of Gabriel Thorne. He was originally supposed to play a major role in the franchise’s future before scheduling conflicts arose with actor Ethan Peck. As a result, Thorne was replaced by Buck in the follow-up Halo 5: Guardians. Peck is the perfect choice to play Spartan Thorne in live-action, and has already appeared in another big-budget sci-fi series on Paramount +: he played a young Spock on Star Trek: Discovery. Paramount’s Halo series has yet to introduce the Spartan-IV program and the UNSC Infinity, but the series could focus on Thorne before he was a Spartan when he served in the UNSC Army.

5 Veronica Dare

343 Industries

Paramount’s Halo series has already begun exploring shades of gray within ONI. They were never an organization that kept their hands clean, but there were still heroes within. One of the most prominent characters from the Office of Naval Intelligence was Captain Veronica Ann Dare. She was an intelligence officer in ONI Section One and took command of the Alpha-Nine team in Halo 3: ODST. Dare took her work very seriously, but she also fell in love with Edward Buck and eventually married him. There are many opportunities for Dare to interact with the main characters or someone like Admiral Parangosky. Lastly, Halo fans would love to see Dare’s Recon helmet in live-action.

4 343 Guilty Spark

343 Industries

Microsoft’s 343 Industries, the developer of Halo, was named after the character 343 Guilty Spark. Originally known as Chakas, referred to as “the Oracle” by the Covenant, and simply called “the Monitor” by the UNSC, 343 Guilty Spark was the first monitor to appear in the franchise. Guilty Spark was a highly-intelligent AI tasked with maintaining Installation 04, the first Halo ring that the Master Chief and Cortana set foot on. While initially seeming friendly to UNSC forces, 343 Guilty Spark had their own hidden agenda. This character has too much personality and is too important to the franchise to not appear in the series.

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3 Thel ‘Vadam

343 Industries

Arbiter was a title held by several Sangheili (Elites) throughout the game franchise. But the one most associated with the title of Arbiter was Thel ‘Vadam. After being punished for failing to prevent the destruction of a Halo ring, Thel ‘Vadam was tasked with eliminating those who rebelled against the Covenant. The mission set the Arbiter on a collision course with 343 Guilty Spark and the Master Chief in Halo 2. However, the Arbiter was ultimately betrayed by the people he served and was nearly killed. As a result, Thel ‘Vadam was forced to question what he believed and what he was fighting for. Exploring this in the Halo television series would provide an effective parallel to the Master Chief reflecting on his role in the UNSC.

2 The Gravemind

343 Industries

The Halo rings were designed by the Forerunners to help stop the threat of the parasitic Flood. The Covenant were the main antagonists but since the beginning of the franchise, the Flood were the ultimate enemy. They were responsible for the construction and activation of the franchise’s titular super weapon. Leading the entire Flood species was the Gravemind, a villain who had a prominent role in Halo 2, Halo 2: Anniversaryand Halo 3. It represented the shared consciousness of the Flood and sought to consume everything. Covenant forces failed to stop the Flood from taking over High Charity. The Gravemind has the potential to inject Paramount’s Halo series with some welcome horror and dramatically raise the stakes.

1 Kelly-087

343 Industries

Master Chief has been working alongside Silver Team in the television series. However, in the novels he was a member of a different Spartan-II unit called Blue Team. One of Blue Team’s original members was the incredible Kelly-087. She was recognized as the fastest Spartan, retaining that position even when she was not using her MJOLNIR armor. Like the Master Chief, Kelly was taken from her parents and conscripted as a child. During her time training and serving with John-117, she developed a close friendship with the Master Chief. Silver Team has largely replaced Blue Team in the television series, but Blue Team still exists in the series’ “Silver” timeline. Kelly previously appeared in the live-action webseries, Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawnand fans would appreciate seeing a new incarnation of the character.

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