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NBC’s Superstore ended one year ago, with all the Cloud 9 employees moving on to new adventures but still making time for each other. Several spin-offs have been rumored, including one following Cheyenne and Bo, portrayed by Nichole Sakura and Johnny Pemberton, respectively. While the network decided not to move forward with Bo & Cheyennethat does not mean Superstore has to come to an end. The cast of characters developed in the show leaves room for several spin-off ideas.

There are still ample opportunities to give fans more of Superstore. The finale shows us where everyone ends up, with several paths outlined. Some characters simply move on to another store, while others start new careers entirely. All of these paths provide a great way for the Superstore universe to live on, give fans another glimpse into their favorite characters, and continue to comment on the issues that face businesses today.


Mr. Simms for City Councilor

jonah superstore

It should not surprise anyone that Jonah’s (Ben Feldman) next adventure involved trying to make a difference in his community. Jonah was always the character that tried to be involved in and create positive change, so it makes sense that he runs for the city council after Cloud 9 closes. There is no better way for Jonah to make the change he wants to see in the world than to run for public office. Shifting the universe from a store to a political environment provides the chance to cover different themes than Superstore did originally, but also the potential to look at previously covered themes from a new angle.

This spin-off could also go over well due to the success of Mr. Mayoranother comedy on NBC that follows political figures and public service workers in Los Angeles. Mr. Mayor is on its second season and has created a great dynamic between the mayor of Los Angeles (Ted Danson) and his office workers. It’s a great workplace comedy and one that NBC could model Jonah’s spin-off after. With a Jonah spin-off, there is more of an opportunity to introduce new characters into the Superstore universe and not rely heavily on the original characters, which may work better with the timing of planning a spin-off at this point.

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A spin-off following Jonah also holds the possibility of Amy (America Ferrera) making cameos in the show. The two are married at the end of the finale and even have a child together. While Ferrera stepped away from Superstore at the beginning of the sixth and final season, she did appear during the finale. She initially left the show to start a new career chapter, but Ferrera may be up for select cameo appearances in a spin-off series.


superstore zephra

When Superstore ended, Dina (Lauren Ash) was made the manager of the new Zephra fulfillment warehouse and brought Marcus (Jon Barinholtz), Sandra (Kaliko Kauahi), and Justine (Kelly Schumann) with her. Sandra came on as the assistant manager while Marcus and Justine were warehouse workers. Dina was only allowed to bring five employees from Cloud 9 with her, and she spent most of the finale having trouble deciding. Sandra ended up picking for here. During Garrett’s (Colton Dunn) ending monologue, we see the four of them in the new warehouse, laughing and working.

Superstore tackled many themes in its final season, including the competition between big box stores and online retailers. That discussion could continue if a spin-off following Dina and the crew in the new Zephra fulfillment center made it onto television. The issues that plague warehouse workers, the dichotomy between executives and workers in online retail, and how the shift to online retail continues to impact their lives as workers for a large company are all suitable themes to include and would make sense with what Superstore covered during its original run.

Sturgis & Sons Hardware

superstore sturgis and sons

With Cloud 9 closing, Glenn (Mark McKinney) had nearly decided to retire. When Jonah asked him what he’d do with his time, he did not seem to know, saying maybe he’d finally watch The Queen’s Gambit or complete a 1,000-piece puzzle. In the final episode, Glenn has a realization, and the audience sees him reopen his family store, Sturgis & Sons Hardware. He hires Mateo (Nico Santos) and Cheyenne to work there with him, keeping a great character dynamic together (and ensuring Mateo can still work despite his immigration status).

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Following along on Glenn’s journey provides the chance to better explore how small businesses are impacted in today’s world. During the series, viewers discover that Glenn started working for Cloud 9 when they ran Sturgis & Sons out of business. The competition between small businesses and online retailers has only continued to grow, and the spin-off could explore very different themes and ideas than what Superstore did. In its final seasons, Superstore looked out how even big box stores have trouble competing against major online conglomerates, but it never touched on its impacting small business.

Any of these would make great spin-offs to give fans another look into the Superstore universe.


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