Willow TV Series Adds Game of Thones Star to Cast

There has not been too much news on the upcoming Willow TV series, but things are still seemingly moving along with an announcement that Game of Thrones star Rosabell Laurenti Sellers is joining the show in an undisclosed role. The new series will see Warwick Davis return to play the title character, a farmer who likes to dabble in sorcery, as he is once again caught up in a dark fantasy adventure. The original 1988 movie is still seen as a classic piece of fantasy, coming from the mind of George Lucas and directed by Ron Howard. While there are very few connections to the movie in terms of stars and crew, the series will still contain many of the elements that made the movie an 80s classic.


Originally announced back in 2020, the new series will see a princess on a quest to find her twin brothers, and it seems likely that her path will cross with Willow Ufgood and lead to another action-packed adventure filled with magic, monsters and epic battles. Coming over three decades after the original, the cast is made up of many younger members, some of whom are younger than the original movie. Deadline reported the latest addition of Sellers to the cast does not change that at all, and having played Tyene Sand in Game of Thrones she has already had a taste of the high fantasy drama that Willow will bring with it.

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Warwick Davis Was Hopeful of Val Kilmer Appearing in the Series

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Warwick Davis originally introduced the cast of the Willow series on Disney + Day back in November, and while he acknowledged the new arrivals, it was whether he would also be reunited with Willow stars Val Kilmer and Joanne Whalley that everyone was really interested in finding out. In a video released at the time, Davis said that he was back to work on a series based on his “most popular role” and wanted to introduce some of the cast he would be working with; however, there was no mention of whether his old co-stars would have any involvement.

Obviously, Val Kilmer has had a number of health issues, and although he makes a brief appearance in Top Gun: Maverickthere is a lot of doubt as to whether he will have even a cameo role in Willow. In a previous interview with Radio Times, Davis had expressed a desire to see his old co-stars joining him in the series in some way, but so far, nothing has been revealed about whether they will be part of the story. At the time, Davis said: “I’m hoping we establish Willow as a very accomplished sorcerer now. I hope he’s been practicing and we get to see him do some real magic, which would be fabulous. And also I’m hoping we can reunite with Val Kilmer and Joanne Whalley as well! ”

Although it seems unlikely that either star will be back in the series at this time, there is always a possibility that by some kind of magical alignment, fans will be given the reunion that they want when Willow arrives on Disney + later this year.

Willow Disney + Series Gets to 2022 Release Date

Willow Disney + Series Gets to 2022 Release Date

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