Top Storylines That Need to Be Resolved in the Final Season

When Better Call Saul was first announced as a spinoff to one of the best shows of all time – that is, Breaking Bad – fans had little expectations that it could maintain the excellence of its predecessor. However, Better Call Saul is a riveting character study that masters the black comedy of its protagonist, Jimmy McGill. Though the show may not quite leave the mark Breaking Bad did, it’s certainly held its own amongst fans and critics and retained much of the dark magic that made Breaking Bad such a hit.

Although Better Call Saul is a prequel, there are still plenty of unanswered questions to fill the gap between the show’s finale and the events of Breaking Bad. Through 4 seasons, Jimmy McGill (Bob Odenkirk) has lied, cheated, and finagled the legal system to his benefit, making many enemies along the way. His accomplice, love interest, and fellow lawyer, Kim Wexler (Rhea Seehorn) is in equally hot water as long as she’s supporting the nefarious actions of Saul Goodman. The supporting cast is similarly endangered by the drug-violence in season 5. Their stories will culminate in a reportedly “Bloody” and “painful” season 6, according to Bob Odenkirk. Before Better Call Saul returns on April 18here are the top storylines that will need to be resolved before the season finale.


Cartel Shakeup

Better Call Saul

Season 5 saw a cartel power struggle between drug-family top brass, Lalo Salamanca (Tony Dalton), businessman, Gus Fring (Giancarlo Esposito), and veteran dealer, Nacho Varga (Michael Mando). In an attempt to liberate himself from the cartel’s threats and recklessness, Nacho conspires with Fring in an assassination attempt against Lalo in his Chihuahua home. Unfortunately for them, the attempt is thwarted by Lalo himself, setting up an intense confrontation between the two parties in season 6.

Unlike some of the characters in Better Call Saulthe fate of Nacho and Lalo is widely unknown besides some ambiguous references in Breaking Bad. This could make for one of the most exciting and surprising storylines in season 6, as the situation is sure to escalate into a violent and possibly fatal drama for one or more of these characters. Mando and Dalton’s performances as these hardened criminals are vastly different, yet brilliant, and provide so much nuance to the commonplace crime storyline.

Kim Wexler: Where is She Now?

Better Call Saul

Kim Wexler quickly became a fan favorite as the morally conflicted goodie two shoes to Jimmy’s con artist act. As Better Call Saul moved further along its narrative, Kim only became a bigger part of Jimmy’s story and more adored by fans for her reluctant support of Jimmy and his precarious scams. But, as we enter the show’s final season, it seems more foreboding than ever that something tragic is likely to happen to Kim Wexler. Season 5 saw her step further into Saul Goodman’s world, eventually being confronted and threatened by Lalo Salamanca in her own apartment. If Kim is fully committed to helping Saul at this point in her character arc, it does not bode well for her chances to make it out of season 6 alive, regardless of what fans want. Whether she lives or not, we’ll surely find out where she is during the events of Breaking Bad and after the series.

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Nacho’s in Trouble

Better Call Saul

Nacho’s assassination attempt of Lalo Salamanca completely backfired when Lalo killed the hitmen sent to execute him in his Chihuahua home. The former business partners are set to clash in season 6 after Lalo figured out Nacho’s involvement in the attempted murder and is surely ready to bear his psychopathic vengeance upon him. It’s hard not to feel sympathy for Nacho and his many attempts to get out of the drug world that keeps pulling him deeper with every misstep. However, he may be savvy and determined enough to make it through season 6 alive. His arc is very reminiscent of Jessie Pinkman (Aaron Paul) in Breaking Bad; their characters are both genuinely benevolent people who are stuck in the wrong lifestyle and every time they try to get out, something or someone selfishly pulls them further into the abyss. Better Call Saul writers could recognize the similarities and have Nacho ride off into the sunset after defeating Lalo and liberating himself from Gus Fring.

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Hamlin vs Goodman

Better Call Saul

Howard Hamlin is the longtime business partner of Jimmy’s late brother, Chuck McGill. He’s always had spite for the younger, less capable, and less polished brother, Jimmy; however, after Chuck’s death in the season 3 finale, Howard has become humbled by his own involvement in the loss of his dear friend. Howard’s warning to Kim to stay away from Jimmy indicates his plan to take Jimmy down at all costs. Kim and Jimmy have different plans, to force a settlement in the Sandpiper case and take the money to use for their own personal endeavors. Considering that neither Howard, nor his law firm, is mentioned in Better Call Saul, the legal battle may tilt in Saul Goodman’s favor. Whatever way the case pans out, fans will be eager to see if Howard gets what he deserves for his horrible treatment of Jimmy throughout the series.


Better Call Saul

Perhaps the most anticipated storyline of Better Call Saul is the fate of Jimmy McGill after the many tragic events of Breaking Bad. Walter White getting caught and exposed to the public forced Saul to flee Albuquerque and go into hiding as Gene, an employee at Cinnabon in Omaha, Nebraska. Viewers have been granted one short flash-forward scene of Gene in the premiere episode of each season, but season 6 should give some finality to that storyline. Season 5’s flash-forward saw Gene being recognized as Saul by someone who used to live in Albuquerque. Although he’s terrified, Saul decides to deal with this predicament on his own, instead of fleeing to another city. There’s no telling how Gene will fix the situation or if there’s even much he can do besides hide; however, knowing Saul, he still has plenty of tricks up his sleeve as long as he’s willing to use them.

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