The Funniest Bob’s Burgers Characters, Ranked

Created by Loren Bouchard and Jim Dauterive, Bob’s Burgers hosts a colorful cast of lovable oddball characters. The beloved animated comedy series, which has won two Primetime Emmy Awards, is recognized for its offbeat yet familiar brand of humor. Upon its release in 2011, audiences were enchanted by the Belcher family’s strangely endearing dysfunction, following the series as Bob (H. Jon Benjamin) navigates supporting his struggling family business and raising his unruly children, who always seem to find trouble. Hilarity ensues as the characters face conflict.

Each character has an individualized outlook on life, and each has his or her own sense of humor. Although the characters (and the impressive cast of the show who voice them) are all funny in their own ways, there is only one who can claim the title of “funniest.” Here is a list of the funniest Bob’s Burgers characters, ranked.

7 Teddy

Teddy eats a sandwich next to Bob in Bob's Burgers
20th Television

Teddy, voiced by Larry Murphy, is Bob’s self-proclaimed best friend. A regular at Bob’s Burgers, the naive handyman often enters the shop in a frantic state, excitedly rattling off his life’s intimate details to poor Bob’s regrettably passive ear. The details he shares with Bob are often depressing, but because Teddy is so upbeat they have a sort of twisted comical effect. To further emphasize the humor, Bob is often visibly uncomfortable in these scenarios, but Teddy does not pick up on social cues and blunders blindly on to the audience’s amusement. Teddy himself is not an especially funny guy, as he does not intend to be. He can even be annoying at times, but his scenes are often entertaining and sometimes very sweet.

6 Linda

Linda talks to Bob with a burger puppet in Bob's Burgers
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Whereas Teddy’s oblivious nature is what makes him funny, Linda‘s forceful humor during critical times at which she should not be oblivious make her funny. Linda, regardless of whether she is aware of this, loves to add fuel to the fire. In moments of chaos, particularly when it is caused by her own children, Linda often blissfully ignores the matter at hand in order to prioritize cracking a joke at everyone’s expense. Bob’s groaning does nothing to deter her one-woman show. Sometimes, she will even break into loud, inpromptu songs in the show, improvising strange (and often inappropriate) lyrics as she goes. The fact that she, a grown woman, is voiced by a man (John Roberts) adds a level of comedy inherent to Linda’s character.

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5 Bob

Bob using a burger as a puppet in Bob's Burgers.
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Bob, the titular character and protagonist, is the show’s designated malcontent. Exhausted, he laments about his weird family and often has to beg them to act like normal people. Due to this and a lack of self-confidence, Bob questions his life’s choices and, at times, his own sanity. He will often resort to strange means of self-assurance in the rare moments he has to himself, such as using a burger as a puppet to deliver a pep talk to himself, or pretending to be trapped in the walls in order to avoid him in -laws. Additionally, true to classic Dad Joke spirit, his Burger-of-the-Day puns are so desperately and pathetically devised that they are actually funny. The character’s existential crises and deadpan humor are a refreshing yet amusing break from the chaos that he is constantly surrounded by.

4 Gayle

Gayle with crutches cooks in Bob's Burgers
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Linda’s younger sister, Gayle, is the quintessential weird aunt. Her high-pitched, nasal voice perfectly embodies her strangeness. Like Teddy, Gayle is not funny on purpose. The character itself, plus the cringe factor, are what make Gayle one of the funnier characters in the series. As a recurring yet nevertheless minor character, her comedic value and impact place her relatively high on this list. Gayle lives alone with her three cats, pets she loves more than peopleand she does not know how to socialize properly.

She is not shy about her apparent emotional instability, often rambling on about her meds. She assertively hits on any man she pleases and in front of whomever. Her love for cats borders on being unhealthy, and for whatever reason she is devoted to painting them from the rear with cat butt on full display. She is unabashedly inappropriate regardless of context; she is unwittingly committed to inducing secondhand embarrassment. Her social ineptitude and quirky, bold nature make every Gayle scene hilarious.

3 Tina

Tina images boys dancing in spotlights in in Bob's Burgers
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Tina Belcher (Dan Mintz) is also shamelessly devoted to delivering cringeworthy content. The awkward pubescent teen’s interests include unicorns and boy butts, and she has a rather graphic romantic obsession with zombies. Tina’s painful interjections and blunt comments have won fans over, spurring memes and merchandise featuring her sagely quotes. Her humor lies in her blissful social unawareness and optimistic determination to persevere through the challenges of puberty.

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2 Gene

Gene at the burger counter in Bob's Burgers
20th Television

Eugene Mirman’s portrayal of Gene Belcher is nothing short of brilliant. Gene is the comedic manifestation of Middle Child Syndrome; he is loud, he loves attention, and he is full of wild ideas. He often sports wacky outfits, and he loves to follow people around with his keyboard on the sound effects setting. Gene’s clever dialogue is unparalleled. He is immature, as he still gets a kick out of a good fart joke, but his intelligence and vocabulary pleasantly juxtapose the crude factor. Gene is known to make impassioned proclamations at inopportune moments; he is undeniably hilarious.

1 Louise

Louise picks a lock while on the phone in Bob's Burgers
20th Television

Kristen Schaal, the iconic voice actor (and live-action actor, from Flight of the Conchords and others) behind many beloved characters, brings Louise to life. Louise may be the youngest Belcher, but she will not be underestimated for it. Do not be fooled by her size or adorable signature bunny ears; Louise is destined to become a criminal mastermind. This contrast alone is hilarious. The little trickster loves to undermine her parents’ authority and poke fun at Bob, regularly erasing his Burger-of-the-Day with something inappropriate and weird.

Louise runs the show she deviously plots the kids’ elaborate (and hilarious) schemes and ruses, easily manipulating her eldest sibling (and babysitter) Tina to follow her lead into inevitable trouble. Louise’s maniacal laughter is disturbing, adorable, and hilarious all at once. The unique boldness and surprising cleverness of her character, a nine-year-old girl, earn her the honor of the funniest Bob’s Burgers character.

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