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Devon Sawa Reveals Chucky Season 2 Has Commenced Filming … by Relaxing on a Beach

Don Mancini brought Chucky back to life on the small screen in triumphant fashion last year, and it was no surprise to anyone when a second season of SyFy and USA Network’s Chucky was given the green light. Now, actor Devon Sawa has revealed in a tweet that filming has begun on the second season, which will hit screens this October and continue the demon doll’s reign of terror.

Chucky brought back everyone’s favorite possessed doll last year, along with some other familiar faces, to fans of the franchise. From Jennifer Tilly and Fiona Dourif, to Alex Vincent and, of course, the return of Brad Dourif as the iconic voice of Chucky, the series delivered plenty of nostalgia for long-term fans, as well as newcomers to keep the franchise alive, including Final Destination star Devon Sawa. While Sawa appeared as two characters in the series, twin brothers Lucas and Logan Wheeler, the father and uncle of protagonist Jake, neither of them made it to the end of season 1, meaning that Sawa has been able to wish his former co-stars well from sunny climes.


This post confirms that filming on the new season of Chucky is underway, which lines up with previous reports that the shoot was set to begin in late April and last until August. Following on from his post, Jennifer Tilly, who does return in season 2, replied saying, “You are all heart!”

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Chucky’s Second Season Will Make Good On Season 1’s Chucky Army

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In the finale of Chucky‘s first season, we were given the terrifying idea that an army of possessed Chucky dolls were making their way out into the world, and creator Don Mancini previously said that season two will definitely see the result of that storyline progressing. Speaking to Bloody DisgustingMancini said:

“Once you get into your fourth decade in a franchise, it’s trying to forge ahead into unseen, unexplored territory. And the idea of ​​multiple Chucky dolls always appealed to me. First, of course, just as a visual, it’s irresistible, but then conceptually, there are so many things you can do with it. I can not talk too much about that because I do not want to spoil fun coming in season two, but insofar as it impacted what we’ve already done in season one Yeah, it was important that they did not have a hive mind because I think it’s more interesting to do this and, again, turn Brad on subtle variations of the Chucky persona. On a lot of fronts, that’s something we were doing a lot of in this season of Chucky, which is dissecting the persona of Chucky and the persona of Charles Lee Ray. “

Chucky has been an iconic horror character for over three decades, and during that time, despite several controversies around the Child’s Play movies, his popularity among horror lovers has not waned. Now he is being given a new lease of life with his own TV series, it is safe to say that Chucky is going to be here to play for a while yet.


Chucky Season 2 Will Have a Big Role for the Army of Chuckys

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