James Gunn Celebrates John Cena’s 45th Birthday with Touching Tweet

John Cena turned 45 on April 23 and it is only fitting that as he is currently best known for playing Chris “Peacemaker” Smith in HBO Max series Peacemaker, the series mastermind James Gunn shared a touching post in honor of his friend’s big day. Having worked together on The Suicide Squad, Peacemaker reunited Cena and Gunn on the first spin-off series from the movie. As it was a raging success for the streaming platform, there is no surprise that the series will be back for a second season sometime in the near future.

James Gunn is always very active on his social media accounts, whether sharing behind-the-scenes information about his upcoming projects – the ones he can talk about at least – and answering questions as often as possible. This time around, he was on his Twitter account to simply celebrate Cena’s birthday, which he did by writing, “My collaboration & friendship with John Cena is one of the great blessings in my life. John is an incredible actor who utilizes his talent with grace & kindness & humility. There is no other like him. Happy birthday, my friend! ”


Cena was also on his social media account to celebrate the day, although he did it by wishing a happy birthday to his “best friend / arch enemy” John Oliver, who shares an exact birthday with him. Cena noted in a post that Oliver “reminds me that 4/23/77 is HIS day. As a 4/23/77 John myself I humbly recognize and respect that today I’m just a # 2 in the John… such is life. ”

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John Cena has Completed His Transformation From Wrestler To Lead Actor.

For many years, John Cena was known just as a star of WWE, and his acting career originally saw him appear in movies at WWE Studios. In 2015, he made an appearance in Daddy’s Home, Trainwreck and Sisterswhich was followed over the next few years with other comedy roles such as Blockersand big action movies like Transformers spin-off Bumblebee and F9.

Cena was cast by James Gunn as Christopher Smith in The Suicide Squada role that was originally intended to go to Guardians of the Galaxy star and fellow former wrestler Dave Bautista. That role was such a hit with fans, that it did not take long for Warner Bros. to commission a spin off series focusing on the character, and that has also now proved popular enough to warrant a second season. It has also led to him landing a lead role in Warner Bros. animated / live-action hybrid movie Coyote Vs. ACMEin which he stars alongside iconic cartoon character Wile E Coyote, who decides to sue ACME for all of their faulty devices.

“Man, I’m very fortunate because it’s a different role for me, so I can not wait,” Cena told Entertainment Weekly. “A lot of audience members have a different perspective of what I can offer and that’s a really tough hill to climb. Acme vs. Coyote is one of those situations. I’m really happy that Warner Bros. gave me another opportunity to be involved with something that. Like I said, it’s a different role for me, and hopefully it will have the same result as Peacemaker, it will be a chance to hone my craft on something a little different. I’m really excited for it. “

Coyote Vs. ACME will also be produced by Gunn, giving him yet another link to Cena and reinforcing their friendship as well as their professional relationship. All in all, it has been a happy birthday indeed for John Cena, and it looks like he has many more of those to come in his newly forged career.

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