Pauly Shore Still Wants Encino Man 2 to Happen at Disney +

As the 30th anniversary of Encino Man approaches, Pauly Shore has begun his annual push to have a sequel made on Disney +.

In what seems to be an annual event, Pauly Shore has once again let the powers that be at Disney know that he is still very ready to reprise his role in an Encino Man sequel. He is certain Brendan Fraser and Sean Astin would both be on board if the script was right, and the fans want it. For almost a decade, Shore has been pitching the idea of ​​a sequel, and has ramped up thoughts of Encino Man 2 in the last few years now that Disney + is a thing. Shore just wants to have fun again like they did in the original movie, which celebrates its 30th anniversary next month.

While speaking to Screen RantShore once again explained that he would love to see Encino Man get a sequel. Of course, the original movie saw two teenagers (Shore and Sean Astin) discover a caveman (Brendan Fraser) who had recently thawed out of a block of ice, the film centered on their attempts to help him fit in with modern life. Of course, there was always potential for the sequel to be made, but for whatever reason, it never happened. But that does not mean it will not. Shore told Screen Rant:


“You know, it’s really up to the fans because Disney + knows about it and the producer, George [Zaloom], I know is wanting to do it. I know Brendan and Sean would probably do it if the script was right. There’s a love for that movie to this day … Several years later, people realize, ‘Wait a minute. This was actually a really fun, funny movie. It’s really held up for me. ‘ Those movies, people can make fun of them and the industry or whatever, but they’ve been putting food on my table for years and making people happy. There is a huge audience out there that really enjoys those … It was a point in time where I hit, where MTV was the hottest thing in the world, when everyone was watching at MTV, and I was right there. I was young, and it was awesome. It was pretty cool. It was a fun run. “

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Pauly Shore Made Big Pitch for an Encino Man Sequel Last Year

On the 29th anniversary of Encino Man last year, Shore posted a throwback image on his Instagram account of himself with Brendan Fraser, commenting that he missed the actor, and urged fans to petition Disney to get a sequel made. He wrote, “Hit up Disney + and tell them myself, Brendan, and Sean Astin are ready for the sequel.”

Shore also asked fans to do the same thing around six months prior to that, but it seems that the requests have not seen anyone being spurred into action to make it a reality. However, 90s movies and shows are currently starting to see the kind of nostalgic reboots and revivals that 80s movies have been seeing for the last decade and with Encino Man sitting right in the middle of that period, it could soon be joining the likes of Hocus Pocus 2 as a belated sequel on Disney +.

Pauly Shore Wants Disney + to Make Encino Man 2, Says Brendan Fraser & amp;  Sean Astin Are Ready

Pauly Shore Wants Disney + to Make Encino Man 2, Says Brendan Fraser & Sean Astin Are Ready

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