8 Forgotten Storylines That Deserve a Second Chance

There’s no denying that the MCU creators and producers are masters at connecting different storylines across the universe. From bringing multiple solo franchises together in the Avengers films to growing and developing its ensemble of heroes, there have been many iconic storylines and moments in the MCU. Across 27 movies and counting, the MCU has narratively expanded and explored different themes and ideas across different subgenres.

However, there have also been many instances where the MCU has seemingly abandoned what they set up in certain movies of the franchise. From Hulk’s insecurity to many lost loves, including Betty Ross and Sharon Carter, the MCU has introduced some storylines that ultimately went nowhere. All things considered, here is our list of neglected MCU storylines that we think deserve a second chance.

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8 The Collector And The Infinity Stones

Benicio del Toro was perfectly cast as Taneleer Tivan, widely known across the galaxies as The Collector. This unique character was introduced to us in the post-credits scene of Thor: Dark World. We learned that Taneeler collects every valuable relic, fauna, or species throughout the universe; from Hela’s helmet to Aether, one of the Infinity Stones. He was nearly able to obtain a second Infinity Stone, but, as time went on, the audience realized that the hype around his mysterious persona was practically made for nothing. As soon as the focus turned to Thanos’ quest, The Collector was wiped away. Wouldn’t it be cool to get a separate storyline about how The Collector’s collection actually works?

7 Tony’s PTSD

Iron Man 3 is many people’s favorites of the titular hero’s franchise, very much due to the humane storyline and its tackling of mental health topics. After the Battle of New York, when Tony was ready to sacrifice his life and helped redirect the missile towards Thanos’ army, it was understandable that even someone like Tony would have suffered from trauma. The whole of Iron Man 3 is, in fact, centered around Tony’s vulnerability as a human being, depicting his panic attacks and struggles with PTSD. However, when we see him next in Avengers: Age Of Ultron – and, more significantly, once again nearly sacrificing himself to save the world – it’s like he never suffered any mental turmoil whatsoever. It’s disheartening that they abandoned such an important topic.

6 Lady Sif

Lady Sif was introduced as a fierce female character in Thor, as part of the God of Thunder’s closest circle. She was a respected warrior, always ready to fight side by side with Thor. Once Thor was banished from Asgard by Odin to Earth, she was ready to disobey her new king Loki in order to help her close friend. She also fought in the Second Dark Elf Conflict in Thor: Dark World. However, as Thor: Ragnarok rolled around and Hela completely took over Asgard, Lady Sif was nowhere in sight. Of course, the reason for this, as actress Jaimie Alexander revealed to Yahoowas because of scheduling conflicts between Ragnarok and Alexander’s show Blind spot. Nevertheless, there was no mention or explanation for Lady Sif’s absence. The good thing is that she will return in the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunderand according to a Screen Rant theory, even rise to a position of power on New Asgard.

5 Tony’s Clean Energy

Initially designed by Howard Stark and Anton Vanko, the Arc Reactor was created as a replacement for the Tesseract. It was left inactive for years, until Tony got a hold of it and used it to power the electromagnet in his chest. The arc reactors served as the main tool to power all the Iron Man suits. Once Tony announced that he used the device to power the new Stark Tower with sustainable energy, we expected it to be more of a discussed topic in the far-ahead future. Considering how much of a social issue climate change is, we anticipated to see more of Tony’s involvement in the clean energy field, but it was never really mentioned again.

4 Mitchell Carson

Mitchell Carson was a spy, acting as a SHIELD agent, while in reality working for the biggest terrorist organization HYDRA. He’s been an infiltrator ever since the 80s when he tried replicating the Pym articles along with Howard Stark and Peggy Carter. Years later, he was ready to buy the Yellowjacket Suit, so he could supply HYDRA with the Pym Articles. When his attempts failed, once Ant-Man and The Wasp intervened, he managed to grab a suitcase with a sufficient amount of the particles. Although an alternate ending shows Carson getting captured, the cut did not make it into the final version of the movie. Where are Carson and the particles now then?

3 Aldrich Killian’s Advanced Idea Mechanics

As it appears from our list, there are many plotlines from Iron Man 3 that deserves a second chance and one of them is Aldrich Killian and his company. Killian was one of many villains who come about thanks to the good guys (Tony Stark) messing up and facing little to no consequences for what they did. Stark tricked Killian into thinking he would join his project Extremis (a group of enhanced soldiers), but when he did not, Killian went on to create his own company Advanced Idea Mechanics. Yes, he used his excellent ideas to do monstrosities, but his ideas of redefining one’s DNA were not revisited after his death. The project Extremis and AIM were completely abandoned.

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2 Replicas Of Iron Man Technology

When Tony was called to court with regard to the dangers of his technology in Iron Man 2, a few things were mentioned. Stark is deemed a national threat, but Justin Hammer fails to mention that Hammer Industries has been trying to replicate some of Iron Man’s technology themselves. Of course, the attempts did not end there. It was revealed that countries like North Korea and China were working hard to replicate Stark’s mechanisms. Tony assured everyone that it would take them at least ten years to even scratch the surface of his works. Well, more than ten years have passed since, but there’s suddenly no word from those countries? What happened to their hard work to imitate the Iron Man technologies?

1 The Sokovia Accords

We all know that the Sokovia Accords were a logical response to all the destruction the Avengers had caused while trying to save the world. It stated that the Avengers could no longer be a private organization, but should work under the supervision of the United Nations. Team Tony accepted this deal and new set of rules, while Team Cap were strongly opposed to getting controlled. Considering how important the Accords were presented to be and how they caused a whole Civil War, it’s interesting that everyone seemed to forget about them once Thanos entered the picture. We know that it was a matter of life and death, but why make it the center of our attention and then abandon it completely?

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