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A Quiet Place Spinoff Gets Official Title

The spinoff of A Quiet Place films has received an official title. The film, which is set as a prequel to the first film, will be titled A Quiet Place: Day One. The film will tell a different story and will be set in a different setting of the world now invaded by a threatening intergalactic species. The spinoff will not feature Emily Blunt’s Evelyn Abbott and her family, thus, focusing on a different set of characters affected by the global invasion.

A different threequel, the fourth film in the series, is also in the works by the sidewhich will continue the story after A Quiet Place Part IIwhich is set to release in 2025. A Quiet Place: Day One, however, will hit the screens next year. The film will be directed by Michael Sarnoskiwho famously directed Nic Cage-starrer, Pig. Sarnoski, who replaced Jeff Nichols to helm the film, will also pen the screenplay for the movie based on an original story from John Krasinski, who wrote and directed the previous two films while also starring in the first one.


All details concerning the plot and characters are currently under wraps. There is not much to tell about how A Quiet Place: Day One will incorporate itself into this series of films that may spin out its own cinematic universe. But, given the way Krasinski handled the earlier two films, it’s definite that it will continue the legacy of the story the first film told and will somehow reflect upon the horrors the Abbott family endured.

The Film May Dive Further Into the Origins of the Invasion

We witnessed how the invasion shook the town Abbott family resided in. The attack was probably associated with an asteroid-like object that residents saw hurtling towards Earth. However, the flashback sequence featuring the start of the invasion did not look past what the families confused and frightened witnessed. A Quiet Place: Day One might dive into the origins of the invasion and may also focus on the events before the asteroid hit, leading up to the sudden attack.

The location that the first two films was set in was pretty remote, and the prequel may travel towards the more urban areas and possibly other parts of the world, focusing on the total annihilation of the human population over the course of the year before A Quiet Place Part II began.

Besieged the prequel, the third film is also in the works, meaning that the franchise is not looking at a conclusion yet. A Quiet Place films have received heavy acclaim from critics and audiences alike, setting a milestone for itself among the other films of the genre. The films rely on sound effects and editing given the fewer number of dialoguesa concept which led to a newfound enthusiasm among fans.

The films starred real-life couple Emily Blunt and John Krasinski, with Blunt receiving a Screen Actors Guild Award for her performance in the first movie. Krasinski, who claims the first film to be a love letter to his kids, has a variety of ideas to explore within his film’s universe and is working further to bring out more stories to the audience.

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