Bridgerton’s Lasting Impact on Today’s Fashion

The romantic Regency Era Netflix original, Bridgertondebuted in 2020. Created by the minds at Shondaland and based on the book series by Julia Quinn, Bridgerton was an instant success. From the romance to the engaging plot to the dedication to diversitythe show does not leave the audience missing anything.

The show’s popularity also managed to have a significant impact on fashion trends, completely penetrating the scene with its elegant looks. From corsets to pastels to gloves, the show’s influence has been running deep since its debut and was reignited during season two, which was released in March 2022.


Following the show’s success, Bridgerton was renewed for seasons three and four, as well as a spin-off series about the iconic Queen Charlotte (Golda Rosheuvel) character from the show. Since Bridgerton is an eight-book series, it’s possible there will be a lot more enticing fashion to look forward to.

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Corset Couture

In the 19th century, corsets were popular undergarments that provided both support to one’s body. They’re known for providing a shapely, hourglass effect and while they were primarily worn by women, men could wear them, too. A lot of the corset representation in Hollywood perpetuates myths about how corsets were painful garments that caused strife and medical problems, but several historians have disproved that, according to Fast Company. There were actually even corsets specifically designed to be light and bendy to help relieve back pain from bad posture.

In Bridgerton, corsets are typically worn underneath gowns and provide a sultry push-up effect, which is the aesthetic most ladies were aiming to achieve at the time. Corsets get the most on-screen time during the more intimate scenes, like between Daphne (Phoebe Dynevor) and the Duke (Regé-Jean Page) in season one and Anthony (Jonathan Bailey) and Kate (Simone Ashley) in season two.

Bridgerton has reignited the popularity of the corset and changed its use. It’s no longer just a supportive undergarment. Today, corsets are seen being worn as tops and causally paired with jeans. They aren’t necessarily meant to constrict the body, but instead to mold to its natural shape and serve as a flattering piece for all body types. Anyone can wear a corset and style a Bridgerton inspired silhouette.

A wide variety of brands have also started offering more corset options as they aren’t just seen as lingerie anymore. At this point, it’s likely you can find at least one corset style in any given store. Since the show debuted, influencers and fashion-lovers alike have been sharing their favorite ways to style corsets on social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram. Trend-loving fans of Bridgerton who want to live out their Regency Era fantasy are in luck because fashion forecasters predict that corsets will remain a popular wardrobe staple throughout 2022.

Pretty in Pastels

While some of the fashion choices and color palettes in the show may not be completely historically accurate, pastels are a staple for the Bridgerton family. The women in the family are often seen wearing powdery shades of blue, green, purple and silver. These muted tones are the family colors and symbolize their long-standing prominence in society.

Pastels have always been around and have been a popular color choice for a while now. Typically, they’re seen in abundance during the spring time and around the Easter holiday. Pastels are soft, calm colors that everyone looks good in. However, thanks to Bridgerton, pastel’s popularity is even greater now and the shades seem to be more of a staple than a trend.

Babydoll dresses in pastel shades like chalky pink and pale yellow are very popular and have an unmistakable Bridgerton vibe. From the colors to the puffy sleeves and layers of tulle, these dresses are a great option for those looking to put together a look similar to what the Diamond of the Season would wear. There are countless Instagram feeds and TikToks showcasing Bridgerton styled outfits and where to buy similar pieces, like this TikTok that shows some Bridgerton-inspired dresses, complete with dainty gloves and dangling earrings.

Pastel popularity has even surpassed fashion and is a common shade used in home decor from furniture to paint to household appliances. With these shades being the color of the leading family in the show, it’s likely there will be even more pastel inspiration in upcoming seasons.

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Gloved Up

In the case of Bridgerton, gloves truly complete an outfit. Wearing gloves is not a new trend as they’re a common sight in any period piece depicting English life and are seemingly synonymous with elegance, but Bridgerton has brought more attention to the accessory since its debut in 2020.

In the show, both men and women wear gloves. Typically, the men wear them when they’re going horseback riding and, on occasion, they may wear a simple white glove to a ball. For the women, gloves appear pretty regularly. There are elbow-length silk gloves worn to balls and elegant evening affairs, as well as shorter, wrist-length gloves worn during the day for walks in the park or afternoon tea.

Today, gloves can be seen on social media as people have been creating their own Bridgerton looks styling silk or mesh gloves with their outfits. However, the glove trend has spread on an even larger scale and is frequently seen on the red carpet and celebrity Instagram feeds. Celebs like Kim Kardashian, Ariana Grande, Olivia Rodrigo and Billy Porter have all been seen styling gloves in a variety of elegant, high-fashion ways.

It’s hard to resist the dreamy, impeccable fashion of Bridgerton. The show has had an irrefutable impact on the fashion world since the first season aired. It continued to be one of Netflix’s most popular series following the season two release and it’s likely the irresistible styles will keep emerging in seasons to come.

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