Tough Guy Danny Trejo Reveals Softer Side Through His Restaurants

Tough as nails on the outside but soft and sweet on the inside, Danny Trejo consistently proves there is more to him than busting heads and breaking kneecaps. The Machete star also owns a series of Los Angeles area eateries: Trejo’s Cantina, Trejo’s Coffee and Donuts and Trejo’s Tacos. The Echo Park, Calif. native’s belief in giving people second chances is reflective in his hiring practices.

Highly known for his chest-beating action flicks, the 77-year-old still has several film projects lined up or currently in the works, including Alone Today and Heartland Cartel. While he does have a love for acting, the father of five (three biological) also possesses a deep compassion for food and people. He swears by his carnitas tacos guacamole and its secret ninja sauce.


Trejo’s Tacos Restaurant has Special Meaning

In an article he wrote for Bon Appetit, the actor shared his thoughts on the importance of food and his journey into the restaurant business. As a child, Trejo considered being able to eat a hard-shell taco as a “rite of passage” because he was able to chew it like adults. However, during his days as a struggling actor, he would take his kids to a McDonald’s play place while he studied his lines. After his son complained about being given junk food, Trejo sought out organic meals. Notoriously known for being a picky eater, producer Ash Shah suggested he start his own restaurant.

Trejo recently shared with Showbiz Cheat Sheet his desire for his restaurant patrons to have an inclusive experience. As someone who works with autistic children, this included developing a gluten-free meals menu with special needs kids in mind. On any given afternoon, you will find people with special needs children at Trejo’s Tacos Restaurant so that “mom does not have to cook three different meals.” A dog lover and animal rescue advocate, Trejo’s restaurant is dog friendly and treats the four-legged friends to a bit of carne asada.


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After living a life of crime and incarceration, Trejo changed his trajectory and forged a booming career in film and television. He has even released a cookbook named after his restaurant, Trejo’s Tacos, in 2020, filled with tempting recipes like desserts such as Lowrider donuts. With so much already on his plate, Trejo finds time to create ways to give back to the community. In celebration of Cinco de Mayo this year, Trejo has a Tostitos challenge where everyone can join in on the fun at Tostitos Fiesta Remix for games, quizzes, recipes and more.


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