Morbius Star Defends the Film, Says It Was Butchered in Editing

Morbius did not land well with critics, and saw a very quick box office decline, but is the film’s editing to blame?

Sony’s release of Morbius did not exactly set the world alight as many had expected thanks to a disjointed feeling that was hindered by attempts to link it to Marvel Studios’ Spider-Man: No Way Home. However, according to actor Al Madrigal the debut of the living vampire is not a bad movie, but it suffered to much editing. Coming hot on the heels of Marvel Studios’ $ 1.8 billion blockbuster, Morbius still managed to make a profit thanks to its moderate budget, but the $ 150 million box office was not really what anyone wanted from the film.

Jared Leto previously caused much debate amongst DC fans for his portrayal of the Joker in Suicide Squadwhich became one of the most criticized versions of the character seen on screen, and his turn as Morbius has now allowed Marvel fans to also rip chunks out of the star. Also starring Matt Smith and Madrigal, the film became one of the worst performing Spider-Man related movies ever released.


Madrigal recently spoke to ComicBookMovie about Morbius and was more than happy to defend the film against its many critics. According to the actor, who plays FBI agent Alberto Rodriguez in Morbius, there was a lot of footage that did not make it into the final cut and seriously damaged the way audiences and critics viewed it. He said:

“First of all, Morbius: not as bad as everybody is making it out to be. Sure, it had problems and they diced it up quite a bit. I had some hilarious lines that were cut out of that movie. I was very funny … I got butchered in that thing. I think that’s what they did. They just really… because of COVID, they just had so much time to mess with it. They really messed with it. ”

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Morbius’ Long Production and Delayed Release Ended Up Hurting The Movie

Morbius was one of the many movies to be caught up in the Covid pandemic, having completed the shoot in 2019 but then constantly seeing its release date pushed further and further back as Sony tried to decide when to finally put the movie into cinemas. At one point, Morbius was set to release in October 2021, but many believed that audiences were still not really heading back to cinemas so the movie was pushed out to January only to be delayed again as Spider-Man: No Way Home dominated the box office.

While some movies seemed to benefit from Covid delays, with many taking the additional time to build successful marketing campaigns, Morbius‘delay simply seemed to give Sony more time to make Spider-Man promises it could not keep. This resulted in the film having a decent opening weekend, but crashing in its second week when fans discovered that pretty much all Spider-Man references had been removed and the appearance of Michael Keaton’s Vulture had been relegated to the post credit scenes. Now Sony have some time to consider its Morbius mistakes before their next Spider-Man Universe movie Kraven the Hunter arrives in cinemas.


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