Revelation Season 2 Is Coming

While Netflix has not yet announced the return of Kevin Smith’s He-Man series, Mark Hamill is already recording new Skeletor dialogue.

Kevin Smith’s Masters of the Universe revival is yet to officially have a second season announced, but Mark Hamill might have already confirmed that news by announcing his return to the recording booth to become Skeletor again. While the first season of the show divided fans of the 80s animated series, Smith’s continuation of the story of He-Man was a big hit with critics and has a 92% Rotten Tomatoes score.

Mark Hamill has had a long career as a voice-over artist alongside his regular acting career. As one of the most prolific stars to have voiced Batman’s Joker in numerous animations and video games, Hamill also provided the voice for the killer doll in the 2019 Child’s Play reboot. Taking over the role of Skeletor in last year’s Masters of the Universe: Revelation instantly became another classic voice-over by Hamill, and it is one that his fans will be happy to see him returning to.


In a Twitter post, Hamill commented that he would be spending Friday voicing Skeletor, and would then be resting his voice on Saturday. Clearly work is already underway on the new season the show, and it could be possible that we will see the return of the series sometime later this year.

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Kevin Smith Has Teased Who Could Appear in Masters Of the Universe: Revelation Season 2

Kevin Smith is always happy to talk about his projects, and Masters of the Universe: Revelation is one that has been close to his heart so has often come up in his various podcasts and interviews. While speaking to Thrillist last year, Smith teased that there were a lot of characters who did not make it into the first season of the show but could well turn up in future. He said:

“You literally just mentioned two names we tried to shoehorn into our story. If we get to do a Season 2, be assured you will probably be seeing those cats. But we tried. We were like,” All right, what if we did this? “But it turned out we were like,” If we get to do a Season 2, based on what we seeded in Season 1, Mekaneck will be a very useful character there. “And same thing with Granamyr as well. But it’s an embarrassment of riches with Masters of the Universe because the bench is so deep. I’m sure by the end of Revelation, there will be people who are mad at us, not because of anything we did the story, but because we didn ‘ t include their favorite figure. “

The Masters of the Universe franchise has seen a resurgence recently, with two animated series arriving on Netflix in the last year and the long in development live-action movie seeming to be finally moving forward having gone through numerous directors, writers and stars over the last few years. With a second season of Smith’s revival clearly now in production, it looks like the franchise is still a big part of Netflix’s future plans.

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