Sam Raimi Says WandaVision Fans Will Be Satisfied with Doctor Strange 2

It’s less than a week away from the theatrical release of Marvel Studios’ Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness on May 6, 2022, and the marketing for the film is really revving up. In a new brand-new featurette about Elizabeth Olsen’s return as Wanda Maximoff in the upcoming sequel to 2016’s Doctor Strange. For Maximoff, who finally transformed into the Scarlet Witch at the end of the Emmy Award-winning WandaVision in 2021, the movie will also serve as a sequel to the Disney + limited series.

Doctor Strange 2 picks up after Spider-Man: No Way Home, which saw the former Sorcerer Supreme crack open the multiverse. The director, Sam Raimi, told Rolling stone, “It’s a really complex movie. It’s probably the most complex movie I’ve ever had anything to do with. Not just dealing with one character, or even five characters, but multiversal versions of those characters – and each one has a storyline. ” Released on April 29, 2022, a new featurette gave fans a little more information about some multiversal versions of the fan favorite character, the Scarlet Witch.


In the featurette, Marvel Studios head boss Kevin Feige confirms that in addition to different versions of Benedict Cumberbatch’s Doctor Strange, there will be different versions of the Scarlet Witch. In the clip, he says, “Part of the Madness of the Multiverse is we get to see different realities. [W]e see different versions primarily of Doctor Strange, but we do see other versions of Wanda Maximoff. “

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Sam Raimi Says WandaVision Fans Will Be Satisfied

Doctor Strange 2 director Raimi adds that the film will pick up where WandaVision ended in regard to Maximoff’s character development in the limited series. “We wanted to satisfy WandaVision fans, “says Raimi in the featurette,” And take them to the next level with a character they love. “

It’s possible that Wanda might have to confront a nightmare version of herself in another reality where she chose to stay in Westview, New Jersey, similar to the one she created in WandaVision. Promotional clips have already teased Billy and Tommy Maximoff’s return, although they could exist in the other reality, House of M-style. Doctor Strange isn’t the only one who might confront a zombie version of himself, a zombielike Scarlet Witch may also cross over from What If …?, the standalone anthology show on Disney +, and make an appearance in Doctor Strange 2.

Speaking about Wanda getting to meet Wanda of other realities, Raimi says, “In the Multiverse, there are alternate versions of everyone. It gives the characters a unique opportunity to meet themselves, to recognize qualities that they may have been blind to.” About the joys of playing so many versions of herself, in the featurette, Olsen adds, “I think WandaVision was this journey of her, for the first time, taking her own life into her own hands, and it was fun transitioning from her experience to this movie. It was fun just looking at it from a different perspective. “

Check out the featurette below:

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