Marvel Moon Knight Tweet Suggests Season 2 is Coming

Moon Knight was believed to be a limited series, but a new post by Marvel Studios has suggested this may no longer be the case.

Every Marvel fan knows that it is the small details that matter, and that is true of a new tweet posted by Marvel Studios reminding people that the season finale of Moon Knight is coming this week. Having originally tweeted that it was the “series finale” before deleting that message and reposting it, this has given fans of Oscar Isaac’s superhero the biggest sign yet that a second season of Moon Knight could be now on the cards.

Marvel has played its cards close to its chest on all of their Disney + TV shows, never really giving away whether each series was a limited one or not. In many ways, all of the TV shows put out by Marvel Studios so far are getting some kind of sequel, but the question is always really if it is a second season or a movie that continues the story. WandaVision fans were disappointed that the show is not returning, but Wanda’s story and other plot threads will continue in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of MadnessAgatha: House of Harkness and other future projects. Loki will be getting a second season, which was not announced until the end credits of the season one finale. It is likely that Moon Knight will see a second season announced in a similar way.


The original tweet and its replacement was noticed by a number of Marvel fans, who were quick to point out that the alteration to “season finale” makes a very big difference how fans are going to watch this Wednesday’s episode.

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Moon Knight Has Been a Mostly Stand-Alone MCU Adventure

Unlike other Disney + Marvel shows like Loki, Hawkeye and WandaVision, Moon Knight is one of the first Marvel Studios shows to be led by a brand new character who has no connection with the MCU movies that have already been released. While there is no doubt that somewhere down the line, Moon Knight will find a place in the big picture, this season has been all about telling the story of Marc Spector and Steven Grant without the hindrance or help, depending on your opinion, of history of the character already being known within the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Moon Knight has brought a new supernatural element to the MCUone that seems likely to be carried over into other projects such as Blade and the Werewolf by Night Halloween Special, and that is one of the reasons that the show has been kept separate from the main MCU story. While there are other projects circling the multiverse, and those set in the more grounded real-world setting like Hawkeye, Moon Knight brings many new elements that have made the series one of the most popular Marvel shows to date.

While this week’s final episode of the season is expected to be one of the shortest episodes of any Marvel series, that does not mean there will be any scrimping on the action as the epic conclusion of Moon Knight‘s story plays out, and hopefully paves the way for more.

Ethan Hawke Worships Oscar Isaac's Moon Knight Performance as 'Absolutely Phenomenal'

Ethan Hawke Worships Oscar Isaac’s Moon Knight Performance as ‘Absolutely Phenomenal’

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