The Mighty Ducks Star Shaun Weiss Opens for Russell Peters at Comedy Show

Following his struggles with the law and addiction, a recovered Shaun Weiss has been making people laugh through his stand-up comedy. The former child star, who appeared in The Mighty Ducks and its sequels as fan favorite Greg Goldberg, reached a particularly low point in his life when he was arrested in 2020 for burglary while under the influence of drugs. With great support from those wanting to see him do better, Weiss recently celebrated two years of sobriety and has been focusing on performing again.

On Friday, Weiss took to the stage at the Oxnard Levity Live Improv where he spent ten minutes as the opening act for comedian Russell Peters. Per TMZ, Weiss happened to meet Peters about three years prior, and as Weiss was struggling at the time, Peters had gifted him $ 100. More recently, Weiss met Peters again and thanked him for that gesture, and this led to Peters inviting Weiss to perform as his opening act for a stand-up show.


Weiss says he used self-deprecating humor to get the crowd laughing. He poked fun at his personal troubles, including his various run-ins with the law, as well as his known drug use. Weiss also posted to Instagram an image of himself on stage, and he looks to be pretty happy with how his set is going. The former child star also posted a photo of himself with Peters to thank the comedian for the spot.

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Shaun Weiss Will Be Seen in Jesus Revolution

This stand-up work comes ahead of the Shaun Weiss returning to acting for the first time in 14 years. He was recently cast in a role for the upcoming film Jesus Revolution, which stars Kelsey Grammer as a 1970s pastor who teams up with a group of hippies to launch a national spiritual awakening. Weiss previously released an image on Instagram revealing himself in his role for the film.

There is speculation that Weiss could even reprise his role as Greg Goldberg from The Mighty Ducks. On Disney +there is a continuation series, dubbed The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers, which had brought back several other original stars, including Emilio Estevez as Coach Gordon Bombay. The series has a second season currently in the works, and while there’s no official indication of Weiss getting involved with the series at this time, it certainly helps his odds to have recently gotten back into acting.

Weiss appears to be making stand-up comedy another creative outlet as well, which obviously includes his recent gig with Russell Peters. Earlier this year, Weiss’ friend, Drew Gallagher, said that the actor was doing much better after completing two full years of sobriety. At the time, Weiss had not yet had his new teeth

“He’s been doing stand-up a couple places, so that’s cool,” Gallagher noted, via People. “He’s been really enjoying that … We’re kind of focusing on just trying to get him back out there acting, he’s still as funny as ever. His comedy material is really on point. Shaun’s been in the game since he was a kid so he can hop right back on screen no problem. “

Best of luck to Weiss as he gets his career back on track with his stand-up comedy and acting roles.

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