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Chapter 4 Feels Like an Emotional Conclusion, Says Director

John Wick fans have had a long wait for the fourth installment in the franchise to finally arrive and with the film still almost a year away the wait is not over yet. However, while it looked like two John Wick movies would be coming when the sequels were announced in 2019, there will now be just John Wick 4, which it has been hinted could well be the conclusion of the franchise as far as the movies are concerned. For now, anyway.

The John Wick franchise gave Keanu Reeves an unexpected series of huge hit movies and it seemed that Lionsgate were ready to go all guns blazing with John Wick 4 and John Wick 5 filming back to back, but since the shutdown, there has been a lot of consideration given to which projects go ahead and which are held back. In this case, though, it seems that director Chad Stahelski has a belief that the fourth movie may actually be all that is needed to finish John Wick’s story. Speaking to Collider, he explained:


“I think Chapter 4 is a good continuation of all three previous films, and it’s got a bit of a conclusion to it, which is great. We introduce a ton of new characters that have a lot to say about John Wick from his past and from, obviously, present. I think it’s brotherhood, it’s hope. It’s what life would really be like as a bit of an existential crisis with John, and I think that’s the fun part of the movie. “

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Keanu Reeves Has Learned New Skills For John Wick 4

While he has proved that he is more than capable of handling himself on screen, Stahelski revealed that for his latest outing as Wick, Keanu Reeves has been working with a new set of stunt teams from all over the world to be able to bring the action . The director said:

“Keanu’s got some new skill sets, which is good. He’s got some new props, which are great. We were fortunate enough to land some very interesting stunt teams from all over the world. And each stunt team from the different countries, the Japanese stunt team, the French stunt team, the Bulgarian stunt team, they all have a little bit of flavor of motion, and I think that helps change the set pieces as well.When you get all these different experts and different martial arts, it forces us to adapt the choreography to show different things. It’s fun. “

Of course, if John Wick: Chapter 4 arrives at the box office as a huge moneyspinner, then there is little chance that Lionsgate will pass on the opportunity to go back to the original plan of a fifth movie being in the offing. If that does not happen however, there is still the spin-off event of The Continental to look forward to, the prequel which will centers on the infamous hotel and is yet to be given a release date, as well as the spin-off movie Ballerina. Whatever happens, we have not seen the last of John Wick just yet.

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