Theo Rossi Shares his Thoughts on Reprising Roles

Theo Rossi recently sat down with Movieweb to discuss his upcoming horror-thriller movie Escape the Field. During the interview, he discussed how character-driven the story is, the chemistry between the cast, and what it was that drove him to the project. Rossi also went into depth about any potential interest in reprising previous roles.

Rossi has an extensive list of previous roles that fans would surely be happy to see him reprise, despite any fatality rate those characters may suffer. He’s best known for playing Juice in Sons of Anarchyand can also be seen as Gene in True StoryKirk in Ghosts of War, and much more.


Theo Rossi’s Thoughts on Reprising Roles

When asked if he could reprise any role from the past, Rossi joked that he would pick “all of them. I’d like another crack at everything I’ve ever done. ” He expressed, “I’m kind of joking. They were what they were because of where I was in my life at the time. So I think I can never redo them because I do not think I’d redo them at all like I did when I was in that certain place… Even things I played a month ago, I was somewhere else. And it was the right choice at the time. So no, I would not want to redo anything. ”

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That does not mean Rossi never thinks about his past characters, though. “I think about a lot of my characters, from time to time, especially the ones that did not have a definite ending. I think about where they are, what they’re doing, or what’s happening. ”

Roles with Definitive Endings

As for roles that Rossi does not think about as much, those are the ones that have definitive endings. He explained that in the times that his characters do not make it to the end of the movie or television show (speaking to the fatality rate of his characters), he does not need to think about them again.

“Once it’s for sure, close the chapter, and they’re not just floating in the abyss like Shades and Luke Cage. It’s like that guy is floating right now… and he’s still out there. So, they could be someone I’d like to explore more but for the ones that are gone, they’re gone. And it ended exactly the way it was supposed to. ”

Theo Rossi’s upcoming movie Escape the Field is a production of Lionsgate. It releases on May 6, 2022, in Select Theaters, On Digital, and On-Demand. Escape the Field follows six strangers who wake up in a cornfield, faced with finding a way out while being hunted by an unknown evil.


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