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Spoiler Warning: Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness ended on a tense note. Strange seemed like he was in some intense pain as a third eye opened in his forehead. And that would have been enigmatic enough. But then there came the post-credits scenein which a mysterious Charlize Theron dressed in glowing purple cut a hole through reality into what looked like the Dark Dimension, home of the evil Dormammu. We saw Doctor Strange defeat Dormammu in his first movie, though he is still technically alive. But Dormammu isn’t the only evil out there.

The post-credits scene was open-ended, to say the least. It literally had Doctor Strange walk through a strange portal to god-knows-where based on a dare from a supernatural being no one had ever seen before. But, to the trained eye, this was a big callback to the comics and had huge hints at what adventures (and relationships) the good doctor has ahead of him. While the third eye on his head could mean anything, that tiny post-credits exchange opened up a world of storylines for Doctor Strange. It’s a big wink from Marvel as well, giving fans all but confirmation about what lies ahead.


Clea and Doctor Strange: Their History

The credits of Doctor Strange 2 confirmed that Charlize Theron came dressed as Clea, a powerful interdimensional being with a long history with the Sorcerer Supreme. Though she has not been introduced in the MCU until this very moment, she’s a familiar appearance in the Doctor Strange comics. Daughter of two extremely powerful beings from the Dark Dimension, Clea is essentially Dormammu’s niece. Because of this, she wields formidable magic and shares many similarities to Doctor Strange in that regard. She is telepathic and has the ability to travel between dimensions. It’s worth noting that her interdimensional magic is under much better control than what we saw from America Chavez.

In the comics, Clea and Doctor Strange had brushed shoulders several times before they actually met. With Clea being so closely related to Dormammu and Strange being so greatly opposed to him, they were bound to run into each other. Dormammu exerted strict control over Clea and imprisoned her in the Dark Dimension. Eventually, after Dormammu was defeated by Doctor Strange while trying to conquer Earth, Strange offered Clea asylum in New York to keep her safe from extradimensional beings.

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Clea and Doctor Strange fell in love. While she had admired him from afar, the two magical beings found a match in each other that flourished, eventually, into a form of magical marriage. Though they could not legally be married because the Supreme Court had not yet approved extradimensional marriage, they crafted two rings. They were, in magical essence, the same ring in the same way that a quantum particle could be super symmetrical with another nonlocal quantum particle.

But their marriage suffered because Dormammu continued to threaten the Dark Dimension and Clea had to keep leaving to protect her home. Eventually, they drafted a magical divorce paper that, like so many real divorce papers, was used to capture a demon instead of being completed. The couple separated but remained connected through their magical rings.

Mephisto and the Death of Doctor Strange

Introducing Clea into the MCU could also preclude the death of Doctor Strange. In a relatively recent comic book event, Clea becomes the Sorcerer Supreme after Strange meets his demise. Though, in the MCU, it would have to be Wong who dies for Clea to have hope of gaining that title. And if that happened, fans would stop watching Marvel altogether. This could also serve as a means for the MCU to introduce Mephisto, a super-powerful universe-wide villain Marvel has used as an analogue for Satan. He is a truly terrifying force in the Marvel Universe, and fans have been wondering when he’ll show up for a long time.

Facing impossible odds, Doctor Strange was forced to ask Mephisto for help to save reality. Mephisto, being Satan-esque, presented Strange with a Faustian bargain. He would help the sorcerer save reality, but Clea, his loved one, would lose all memory of him. Doctor Strange was heartbroken but made the deal. He went to visit Clea one last time to tie off loose ends. He asked her if she thought they could ever be together again, and although she said yes, Mephisto’s spell was already beginning to take effect. He had Mephisto’s help, but it came at a cost.

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However, when Doctor Strange died, Clea’s memories of him came flooding back. Clea found Strange’s murderer and, through supernatural means, inherited both the Eye of Agomotto and his Cloak of Levitation. Clea became the new Sorcerer Supreme and took Strange’s name as an homage to him.

So Clea’s introduction here could mean big changes for the MCU. And it would make sense considering all the original Avengers are slowly being retired. While the MCU tends not to follow the comics to the letter, there are still big plot points along this line of history that provide huge opportunities for cinematic events. And depending on how things go in the coming decade, Benedict Cumberbatch might find himself out of a job.


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