Ted Lasso Cast: Character Guide and Descriptions

Ted Lasso‘s third season is eagerly awaited by fans. The Apple TV + show started shooting season three in March 2022, so the next season of AFC Richmond’s soccer journey will probably arrive later this year. With seven Emmy wins and 20 nominations, Jason Sudeikis’ comedy was deeply appreciated not only by the fans, but also the critics. He won two Golden Globes for his role as the American coach who did not know anything about soccer (and still hardly does) but nonetheless becomes one of the most beloved and impressive coaches in the Premier League.

The first season was released in August 2020. During one of the toughest years due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Ted Lasso‘s easy-going nature and impeccable comedic timing made people forget (even if only for a few minutes) the fear they were experiencing. Much like Lasso’s team players, the viewer needed someone to guide them through the hard times and still keep a smile on their faces, and Ted could not be a better choice to brighten your day; with its endearing kindness, it was the show the world needed. The series was based on an NBC ad of their Premier League coverage in 2013, where Jason Sudeikis played the Ted Lasso character first.


The series tells the story of the titular American football coach, embarking on this coaching adventure for many reasons, including problems in his personal life. Landing in London with his second in command, Coach Beard (Brendan Hunt), the positivity-filled Lasso is not prepared for his new life. The series surrounds him with an excellent, wonderfully developed supporting cast, so here is a character guide and their descriptions, to make the show even more enjoyable to watch for first-time viewers or old fans ahead of season three.

Roy Kent

Roy (Brett Goldstein) is the oldest player on the team. A loner from the get-go, he has trouble connecting with his teammates, mostly due to his rather difficult personality. Even if he does not have the patience his younger teammates need, he has the discipline and knowledge that can help lead them to a better place: both as people, and as a team. Ted Lasso will start to pull his walls down very slowly but effectively, leaving his heart unprotected to be taken by a funny girl who is already in a relationship.

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Jamie Tart

Jamie Tart (Phil Dunster) is the star of the team. He is beyond a doubt the best player in AFC Richmond, but a selfish one. This understanding of his abilities leads to some insufferable behavior on his part. His reaction to being coached by Lasso is not great at first, since the American coach can see his bad habits and how his ego affects the other players. Tart will have to reassess his life and what is truly important to him: a successful career on his own, or fewer goals and a family instead of just a team.


Keeley (a great Juno Temple performance) is a model and dates one of the team’s players, Jamie. Keeley appears to be naive and silly, but her quick wit and ability to read people will help her develop important relationships inside the AFC Richmond building. Keeley has an eccentric taste in clothes and men, creating a funny character who wears her heart on her sleeve. She is more than meets the eye, even if she needs a bit of help to see herself as more than a soccer player’s girlfriend.


Nathan (Nick Mohammed) is a complex character who has to deal with a lot of bullying and mean comments from the players and staff of AFC Richmond. He is the water boy and is treated (most of the time) with disrespect. Ted is the first to notice him, giving him the chance to prove himself and his vast knowledge of the sport. He changes a lot throughout the two seasons, making the fans intrigued to see who we will become in the season to come.

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Higgins (Jeremy Swift) is Rebecca’s assistant, and her former husband’s assistant as well. He helps her even when she does not realize he is in the room. Higgins is kind and caring about the people around him while trying to be comprehensive of Rebecca’s moods and needs. He is a great support and, sometimes, he is able to show the other characters creative solutions to solve their problems. Higgins, however, carries great guilt for helping Rebbeca’s ex-husband hide his secrets.


Rebbeca is the owner of the soccer team. She is a ruthless woman who is tired of being constantly humiliated by her ex-husband, Rupert. After finding out about his multiple affairs, Rebbeca files for divorce and takes from him what he loves the most, the soccer team AFC Richmond. Played by the amazing Hannah Waddingham, who you might have seen as a character in Game of Thrones (“Shame! Shame!”), Rebecca is a difficult character with many wounds from the past that she might have to face when an American coach shows up to be a part of her team. Her bitterness and lies come face to face with Lasso’s kindness, with great, highly watchable results.

Coach Beard

Coach Beard (Brendan Hunt, who is also one of the writers of the show) is Coach Lasso’s right-hand man. He is a man of few words, relying much more on his intense gaze to get his message across. Beard accepts the challenge of coaching soccer with Lasso and moves from the United States to England with him. He is a fundamental piece for Lasso to do his job and be able to endure his personal problems. In his silent stance, Coach Beard is one of the funniest and surprisingly most vulnerable and caring characters in the show.

Ted Lasso

Ted Lasso is the heart of the show. In the first season, when someone asks how he’ll be able to coach the team not knowing anything about soccer, he answers that he coaches people, and he really does. Lasso’s positivity makes the audience (and the surrounding characters) reflect on their own lives and how they face adversity. He may appear too much at first, but his mustache and southern American accent will most definitely make you fall in love with him and his story.

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