Will Scarlet Witch and Vision Get a Happy Ending?

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

Of all the MCU love stories, Scarlet Witch and Vision are in a league of their own. Both have struggled with their own humanity and devastating loss, and their love gradually blossomed from a foundation of empathy and trust. The two have wonderful chemistry, they perform well together on missions, and they’re incredibly loving parents. In short, they were made for each other, and Vision’s death was enough to rattle any fan of the MCU. The universe ripped him from Wanda just like the rest of her family, and much of the MCU’s current narrative is impacted by her loss.


If you’ve been following the tragic love story, you’ve probably wondered: “Why can’t Marvel just let them be happy?” Unfortunately, the answer isn’t as clear-cut as you might hope. The original Marvel Comics storylines are complex, and both Wanda and Vision have deep backstories that branch out differently across the multiverse. If the MCU aims for accuracy, it might be hard for the couple to secure their well-deserved romantic unicorn ride into the sunset. Given what we know about Wanda’s role in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, it does not look like she’ll be getting a happy reunion with her husband any time soon. Let’s assess Wanda and Vision and whether they could still feasibly get a happy ending.

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What Happens in the Comics?

Vision’s origins are a tad different in the MCU than in the original comics: he’s sent by creator Ultron to lure the Avengers into a trap, but chooses to join them instead. Over time, he and Wanda gradually form a close relationship and fall in love, and the two marry and welcome twin boys into the world. Sadly, Wanda soon learns that her children were actually manifested by the demon Mephisto, who re-absorbed them and effectively erased them from existence. This caused a huge rift between the married couple, especially after Vision was rebuilt without some of the major personality components that drove him to his wife in the first place. Wanda and Vision separated, and the two pursued relationships with other people – Wanda developed feelings for Wonder Man, Captain America, and Doctor Voodoo, while Vision became involved with Captain Marvel, Mantis, and his own self-made synthetic wife, Virginia.

Ultimately, things just did not pan out. The couple tried several times to reconcile, but the events of Avengers Disassembled (where Wanda manipulated him into attacking their companions and crashing into the Avengers Mansion) irreversibly severed their relationship. The two have a fairly stable friendship in the newer comics, but their love story has yet to be rekindled. The MCU does not necessarily follow the comics to a T, but it’s important to note that things could take a severe turn for them if Marvel Studios decides to portray their relationship with more accuracy.

What About Their Other Relationships?

Until we see Vision again, we can only really speculate about Wanda. There has not been any indication that she’s on the hunt for romance – indeed, Doctor Strange 2 sees her on a rampage to reunite with her children – and the events of the Avengers films and WandaVision suggest that she’s still too deep in the grieving process to think about finding love again. While there is material to support the two coupling up with other supers, it seems like Marvel is more invested in keeping their tragic love story alive. Of course, Elizabeth Olsen expects to return to the MCU after Multiverse of Madnessand with news that she has extended her Marvel contract, per Colliderthere’s plenty of room to explore her comic book character’s rich relationship history.

Can the Original Vision Come Back?

If this power couple is going to get their happy ending, Vision will have to be resurrected with his memories and original personality. His body was rebuilt as White Vision by SWORD near the end of WandaVision, but this new version was programmed to exterminate his beloved. While his memories were eventually restored, he technically ceased to exist when Wanda collapsed the Hex containing Westview.

However, we do have a glimmer of hope: the post-credits scene in the final shows Wanda picking up on her sons’ cries for help somewhere in the multiverse. Vision and his children were all in Westview together when Wanda destroyed it; if Tommy and Billy are still alive, Vision might be, too. What’s more, Multiverse of Madness explored multiple timelines in which variants of Scarlet Witch exist, so it stands to reason that there are other Visions out there, too.

How Do Billy and Tommy Impact Things?

Speaking of the children, Tommy and Billy are a huge part of Wanda’s story despite technically not existing – in the main timeline, at least. Doctor Strange 2 proved that there are timelines in which Wanda is a real mother to real twins, and the MCU may even follow some of the narratives from The Children’s Crusade in the comics. If they exist on any level, Vision also has to be real – he’s their biological father in the canon. Thanks to their super-powered genetics, they even become the heroes Wiccan and Speed ​​in different parts of the multiverse.

Does Doctor Strange 2 Hold the Answers?

Since Phase 4 is placing a heavy focus on the multiverse, there’s a good chance that it’s the key to Wanda and Vision’s relationship. Wanda’s powers are steeped in Chaos Magic, and she’s already proved her ability to manipulate reality in both the MCU and the comics; though Vision was supposedly lost to the collapse of the Westview reality, he may still be alive in some other part of the multiverse. What’s trickier to decipher now is that, at the end of Doctor Strange 2, after realizing the pain she caused, Wanda ended her quest to find a timeline in which her sons existed. She destroyed Wundagore so that the secrets of the Darkhold – which was destroyed at Kamar-Taj – would be lost forever. While America Chavez is still the key to hopping through the multiverse, the ending of the film suggests that it’s a path Wanda no longer wants to pursue.

So … could the Scarlet Witch and Vision still get a happy ending? We think it’s possible! Marvel is all about exploring possibilities, and the establishment of the multiverse combined with the twins’ re-emergence suggests that Vision might not be gone forever. If he’s able to get back to Wanda and the directors continue taking creative liberties, there’s still a chance that they could finally get that romantic sunset ride after all.


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