Every Movie That Didn’t Happen (& Why)

The Star Wars franchise is one of the highest-grossing movie franchises in history and has amassed a legion of fans since it first started in 1977 with A New Hope. Created by George Lucas, Star Wars introduced audiences to a world of characters and conflict in a galaxy far, far away. Since A New Hopethere have been 11 movies and multiple Star Wars TV series that have expanded audiences ‘knowledge and appreciation of Lucas’ world.

As with any Hollywood production, Star Wars has experienced many ups and downs throughout its history, particularly in the development department. Although there are three sets of trilogies – Prequels, Originals, and Sequels – and two standalone films, there was a time when, per IndieWireDisney promised one Star Wars movie every year, beginning with The Force Awakens in 2015. While the studio kept its promise between 2015 and 2019, the mixed reception of its films, combined with other external factors, have forced the studio to reconsider its promise. Indeed, here’s a list of Star Wars movies that did not happen, and why.

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7 George Lucas’ Episodes VII, VIII, & IX

Before the original trilogy was complete, George Lucas already had a story which he planned to explore in nine episodes, and this can be traced to after the release of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. The plan was for Episode VII to continue Luke’s journey as a Jedi, while Episode VIII would have introduced his sister (who wasn’t Leia at that point), and Episode IX would have introduced the Emperor and featured Luke’s final battle against him. The initially planned sequel trilogy would have dealt with the rebuilding of the Republic and would have introduced a romantic partner for Luke. Many of these elements ended up being introduced in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, where Luke became a Jedi Knight as well as the introduction of the Emperor. Other plans that existed for these films included Leia being elected as Queen of the People as well as Luke’s death.

6 Colin Trevorrow’s Episode IX

In 2015, it was announced that Colin Trevorrow had joined as Star Wars: Episode IX as director, however, in 2017, he dropped out due to reported creative differences. After this announcement, Trevorrow’s script was leaked, and fans gained an understanding of his vision for the Star Wars franchise. Plot focuses included the First Order cutting off all communications between planets and the Resistance fighting to reopen them, as well as Finn forming his own army of defective Stormtroopers and taking Force-sensitive children to a remote planet to train them.

5 Prequel Trilogy (Original Plan)

It was revealed by Gary Kutz that Lucas had plans for a prequel trilogy before the original trilogy was completed. He revealed that the plot would have centered around dealing with The Clone Wars and formation of the Jedi Knights, however, these ultimately ended up being incorporated across different films. Technical advances in the early 1990s allowed Lucas to explore bigger visions onscreen, which will likely have made him reconsider the plot.

4 Standalone Boba Fett Movie

After the success of the Star Wars trilogies, it was planned that the universe was to expand through the release of standalone, spinoff films so that there was less of a wait between the Star Wars episodes. Rogue One was released in 2016 and was met with critical and commercial success. Similarly, Solo was released in 2018, but was met with less favorable reviews and did not perform well at the box office. Due to the underperformance of this film, per Den of Geek, plans for these types of spinoff films were shelved, which included a planned standalone Boba Fett movie. The project was announced in 2013 and had Josh Trank linked as director, however, this plan was ultimately scrapped. Nevertheless, it would not be until 2021 that fans would get a Boba Fett-focused production in the form of a Disney + series called The Book of Boba Fettwhich a potential season 2 rumored to be in the works.

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3 Mos Eisley Spaceport Movie

In 2018, rumors surfaced of a Mos Eisley Spaceport movie, which would have reportedly been a part of an anthology series. However, just as quickly after the rumors surfaced, they were canceled. While this one did not move past the ideation phase, there were a lot of reports surrounding it, which makes us believe some kind of plan or discussion at Disney and Lucasfilm existed.

2 Splinter of the Mind’s Eye

Before the Star Wars franchise became the huge success that we know today, Lucas was not sure how audiences would react and had a back-up plan in case the film was not well received. Author Alan Dean Foster was brought in to write the novelization of the first Star Wars movie and its sequel titled Splinter of the Mind’s Eye so that, if the movie was not successful, a lower-budget sequel could be commissioned. The novel featured Luke and Leila ending up on a planet called Mimban as they searched for the Kaiburr crystal which can enhance the force powers of the Jedi.

1 David Benioff & DB Weiss’ Star Wars Trilogy

In 2018, David Benioff and DB Weiss joined the Star Wars universe with an interest in writing a new trilogy that would focus on either the far future or distant past from the Skywalk Saga. This was unfortunately cut short when the pair were approached for a new Netflix project.

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