Dane DeHaan’s 9 Best Performances, Ranked

With every character that Dane HeHaan takes on, he gives a stellar performance filled with sheer emotion. He is known for taking on darker roles that match his on-screen persona and physicality. While he has done several great independent films, DeHaan has also taken on big-budget movies such as The Amazing Spider-Man 2 where he played Harry Osborn. DeHaan’s career has spanned across several genres including western, science fiction, and thrillers. He has also worked with prominent filmmakers, such as Steven Speilberg and Derek Dianfrance.

DeHaan was born in Allentown, Pennsylvania and started working in community theater throughout high school. His professional career took off after earning the role as an understudy for Haley Joel Osment in the 2008 production of American Buffalo. After that, he made his television debut on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and eventually earned a part on HBO’s In Treatment. Since then, Dehaan has been working steadily in both film and television. Most recently, DeHaan has appeared in the HBO Max series The Staircasebased on the chilling true-crime storyand, next, he’ll star opposite Alexander SkarsgĂ„rd in the survival thriller The Tiger. Let’s take a look at his greatest performances to date.

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9 The Kid

Vincent D’Onofrio directed the 2019 western, The Kid, starring Ethan Hawke, Dane DeHaan, and Chris Pratt. DeHaan takes on the role of Billy the Kid, the famous outlaw and gunslinger. DeHaan is very convincing as the iconic outlaw and gives a raw performance filled with emotion. Through his performance, DeHaan depicts the pain and trauma behind Billy the Kid that has led to his life of crime.

8 The Amazing Spider-Man 2

In Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2, DeHaan takes on the role of Harry Osborn / Green Goblin. As the character of Osborn, DeHaan convincly portrays a young wealthy man filled with anger and resentment. When he transforms into Green Goblin, DeHaan uses his physicality and emotion to create a terrifying villain. It’s never easy for an actor to take on an evil character, but DeHaan does it with ease.

7 Lawless

Although DeHaan plays a supporting character in Lawless, he is surely a scene stealer. He plays Cricket Pate, the good friend of the bootlegging Jack Bondurant (Shia Labeouf). DeHaan makes his character his own and gives a performance of a good-hearted young man who is in way over his head. His performance is filled with emotion and fear, and DeHaan proves that he can deliver the goods with even a minor role.

6 A Cure For Wellness

Dane DeHaan takes the leading role in the phycological thriller, A Cure For Wellness. DeHaan plays a young executive who is introduced to a world of nightmares after he is sent to a mysterious wellness center. DeHaan portrays a character who is filled with dread, fear, and paranoia. There are several scenes where DeHaan puts his physicality to good use, and his chemistry with his co-star Mia Goth is top-notch.

5 Kill Your Darlings

In Kill Your DarlingsDeHaan acts opposite Daniel Radcliffe as Lucien Carr, a member of the New York City circle of the Beat Generation. DeHaan gives a fantastic performance as a dangerous, yet ambitious young man who is led by his anti-establishment beliefs. At the same time, DeHaan shows us a young man who is in a very unhealthy relationship with the manipulative David Krammerer (Michael C. Hall). The chemistry between DeHaan and Radcliffe is top-notch, and DeHaan gives a tour de force performance from beginning to end.

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4 In Treatment

In season 3 of the acclaimed HBO series In Treatment, DeHaan plays a troubled, gay teenager named Jesse who is getting physiotherapy therapy. Through his emotion and delivery of dialogue, DeHaan creates an intense character with many layers. He portrays a character who is severely confused about every aspect of his life which, in turn, makes him harbor a lot of anger and resentment. It was a very effective performance that put DeHaan on the map.

3 Life

In Anton Corbijn’s biographical film Life, DeHaan takes on the daunting role of legendary actor James Dean. To start with, DeHaan completely transforms into Dean through his voice, physicality, and emotion. Dean was a passionate, rebellious, and troubled person, and DeHaan completely does justice to the role. At the same time, DeHaan and Robert Pattinson work very well together, and we are given a great story about friendship. It is a very thought-provoking story about the relationship between a journalist and their subject.

2 The Place Beyond The Pines

In Derek Cianfrance’s The Place Beyond The Pines, DeHaan plays Jason, the son of a motorcycle riding bankrobber (Ryan Gosling) who was shot to death when Jason was just a baby. DeHaan gives an honest portrayal of a teenager who feels deeply confused about his place in the world and his family’s history. At the same time, DeHaan shows the trouble and pain that come from abusing substances. There are several emotional scenes that prove DeHaan’s capabilities as a dramatic actor.

1 Chronicle

In the acclaimed film Chronicle, DeHaan once again plays a very troubled young man, but this time, his character gets telekinetic powers from an unknown source. His character starts out as a meek and shy teen who lives under the ruling of his abusive father. We see the pain through DeHaan’s emotion, and then we are given a very effective character arc. His pain soon turns into anger as his powers strengthen and, by the end, DeHaan’s character is a murderous and evil villian. The movie as a whole is fantastic and DeHaan gives the best performance of his career thus far.


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