Rescue Rangers the New Roger Rabbit? Early Reviews Overwhelmingly Say Yes

The announcement that Chip and Dale: Rescue Rangers were being resurrected sent shivers down the spine of fans. Following in the wake of the Disney + series Chip and Dale: Park Lifewhich brought the in vogue simple animation style to the furry twosome, a Rescue Rangers movie seemed like it was destined to make a whole generation grimace, but following the release of two trailers, it looked possible that a revival / reboot / remake was finally being done in a way that worked. Now the first reviews suggest that the film could well be up there with the pinnacle of live-action / animated crossovers, Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

Chip and Dale have been part of Disney’s character arsenal since making their debut in Private Pluto in 1943. After appearing in numerous cartoons with the likes of Donald Duck, the pair were given their own series in 1989, when they became the owners of a detective agency which they ran with the help of associates Gadget Hackwrench, Monterey Jack and Zipper. While the show only ran for a year, it has remained an iconic favorite, and now it looks set to make a huge and unexpected return.


The new film sees Chip and Dale, voiced by John Mulaney and Andy Samberg, respectively, years on from their days as investigators. Chip is working selling insurance, while Dale has continued to live a celebrity life and had a 3D make-over in the process, but the pair reunite when cartoon characters start going missing. Now the first reviews have started coming in, and it looks like this is one reunion that everyone who remembers the original series will want to see. Check out what has been said about the movie below:

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Chip & Dale: Rescue Rangers Could Be Disney +’s Biggest Original Movie

There are very few rebooted franchises that manage to satisfy everyone, but somehow, Chip & Dale: Rescue Rangers appears to be on track to do just that. When the first trailer for the movie dropped, it caught many off guard with a knowing humor and hybrid of 2D and 3D animation styles in a live-action world. While this managed to grab the attention, it was the second trailer that really made people sit up and take notice as it delivered a whole wave of cameos, including characters not actually owned by Disney.

Of course, this is what has led to comparisons with Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, which famously saw characters such as Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck appearing alongside the likes of Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and Betty Boop, which was an almost unthinkable achievement in itself without the movie delivering one of the best films of the decade in the process. Based on its early reviews, Chip & Dale: Rescue Rangers could well become this generation’s Roger Rabbit – who coincidentally appears in the movie – when it arrives on Disney + on May 20.

Rescue Rangers Disney + Movie Confirms John Mulaney & amp;  Andy Samberg as Chip 'n' Dale

Rescue Rangers Disney + Movie Confirms John Mulaney & Andy Samberg as Chip ‘n’ Dale

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