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‘I Like Where His Journey Ends’

It’s bittersweet for fans heading into the midseason finale of Better Call Saul. Because Bob Odenkirk has spent so many years perfecting the fan favorite role of Saul Goodman on two separate television shows, there’s a certain sadness that many feel in saying goodbye to the character. At the same time, people have also been waiting for years to see what ultimately becomes of Saul, aka Jimmy McGill, who has been living a life on the lam under the alias of Gene Takavic.

At the start of the first five seasons, flash-forward scenes on Better Call Saul would provide some clues about Saul’s new life as a Cinnabon manager. He may have avoided the law and any other potential threats, but a life in hiding has been taking its toll. We last saw the character getting recognized by a stranger, leading Saul to initially decide to get out of town for another new identity. At the last second, he changes his mind, and it becomes clear “Gene Takavic” is finished running from his problems.


So, what comes next? Season 6 did not open with the traditional “Gene scene,” revealing the next chapter of the present-day black-and-white timeline. That’s likely because it’s being saved for the end of the season where viewers will learn Saul’s ultimate fate. It’s not clear what exactly will go down, but in a new interview with the Los Angeles Times, Odenkirk teases some great television that’s in store for fans. It starts with Jimmy McGill making the choice as to whether he wants to keep running or let Saul Goodman come back through.

“He’s looking back on his whole life and asking himself, ‘Do I react the way that my instinct tells me, the same instinct that has landed me in af— mall in Omaha, making cinnamon rolls? Do I keep following that gut? ‘ He’s still Jimmy McGill. He’s still Saul Goodman. I promise you that. But in his growth, he’s asking himself, ‘Really? Is this all worth it? ‘ And you see in that moment that he can not hold that s— in any longer. He needs to be himself. ”

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Saul Goodman’s Story Ends with Better Call Saul Season 6

Bob Odenkirk admits that Saul Goodman is a pretty “selfish” person, but he also wanted the character to learn the right lessons from his life crashing and burning after getting too involved with Walter White and other dangerous criminals. The actor says he would pitch to series creators Peter Gould and Vince Gilligan that sometimes people can take the appropriate lessons learned form “challenges and trauma,” and maybe McGill could come out of his bad days as a better person.

“You know, I had my bitterness and frustrations, but whenever I see that at play, especially in a choice I’m going to make, I say, ‘That’s bull—. That is not a way to move forward. ‘ And with Saul, I’ve always told Peter and Vince that sometimes people learn the right lessons and not the most selfish, resentful lesson from a bad thing that’s happened to them. They become bigger and more gracious and not smaller and ground-down. “

Odenkirk can reveal exactly what happens, of course, but he does not want fans to read too much into his interview and assume that he’s saying Saul Goodman will have a happily-ever-after kind of ending. Perhaps the character is shown to come to terms with his life choices and accept the mistakes he’s made, even if things do not exactly get much better for him from there. In any case, Odenkirk promises a satisfying ending, and he seems to feel the fans will appreciate how the story ends just as much as he did.

“This is not a spoiler, what I’m saying here,” Odenkirk adds. “It’s weird, because it sounds like maybe I’m pitching that Saul becomes this goodhearted, generous, caring person. I can not tell you where he ends up, but it’s not like he has some revelation of humanity. I think he gets to… I think I’ve said all I can say. But I like where his journey ends. And I think you’ll like it too. ”

The midseason finale of Better Call Saul will premiere on AMC and AMC + on May 23.


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