Daredevil Series Reportedly in the Works at Disney +

After several months of rumors, a new Daredevil series is reported to be in development at Disney +. Variety reports that the streamer will move forward with a new Daredevil show with Matt Corman and Chris Ord attached to write and executive produce. The outlet notes that Marvel has not officially confirmed the series while reps for Corman and Ord declined to comment on the news.

No details about the new Daredevil series were specified in the report, but it seems most likely that it would feature some of the same characters fans met in the original Daredevil that ran for three seasons at Netflix. The rights have since reverted back to Marvel and Disney, which have allowed for them to move forward with these characters. Perhaps the excitement that was clear from fans when Charlie Cox showed up in Spider-Man: No Way Home helped convince the House of Mouse to finally get those gears to turn.


Corman and Ord are best known for co-creating the TV series Covert Affairs, which aired on USA Network from 2010-2014. Their other work includes the NBC series The Enemy Within and The Brave along with The CW show Containment.

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Marvel’s Daredevil Characters Have Already Returned in the MCU

This news will be exciting to many Marvel fans, but it may not be all that shocking. Marvel and Disney have been teasing more to come from the Daredevil characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe since they officially crossed over. There were rumors that Charlie Cox would reprise the role for Spider-Man: No Way Homeand fans were ecstatic to see that proven true when he had a special cameo, interacting with Tom Holland’s Peter Parker in a very memorable scene.

The Daredevil characters have also ventured onto the small screen for Disney +. That notably includes Vincent D’Onofrio showing up in the series Hawkeye where he was left with an ambiguous fate. Fans probably know better than to believe the character is really gone, and chances are he will be involved in the reported Daredevil reboot for Disney +. D’Onofrio has been very open about his desire to do more with that acclaimed role.

“I hope he did not die,” the actor told Deadline in December. “I’m with the fans, I want to keep playing this part. My hope is that we continue. I did not know that Daredevil was going to end when it did, I thought it was going to continue for a few more years. There was a lot to explore there, there were many facets of my character to explore. ”

Discussing his character’s MCU return, D’Onofrio added, “The people I play are based on real emotions and real life, and I try to bring the events of their pasts into the now. Kingpin is like that in Hawkeye. He has a lot more physical strength and can take physical abuse, but grounded in this emotional world. And he does everything through that emotional world: He’s like a child and a monster simultaneously. Everything that he does is based on events of his childhood. ”

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