The Wonder Twins Movie Canceled in Latest Warner Bros. Discovery Merger Fallout

Originally planned as an HBO Max exclusive, The Wonder Twins was set to star Isabel May and be written by Black Adam scribe Adam Sztykiel.

The Warner Bros. merger with Discovery has seen an instant change to the landscape of output from the company. It looks like one casualty of changes at the top is the Wonder Twins movie, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The film was set to shoot this summer and head to HBO Max sometime next year. Starring 1883’s Isabel May and Riverdale’s KJ Apa as the titular DC duo, the film was to be written and directed by Black Adam co-writer Adam Sztykiel, and was set to bring the characters to life in a much different way to the 1970s Hanna-Barbera cartoon that inspired the comic book characters .


Despite rumors of the Wonder Twins movie being shelved, the claims have been denied as late as the beginning of the month, but it has not been confirmed that the fate of the project has been sealed for “several weeks.” The main reason for the cancellation seems to be a change in direction for Warner Bros. DC output since the merger with Discovery, with new CEO David Zaslav pushing for all DC movies to aim for a theatrical release and not head straight to HBO Max in the future. Although this seems to have led to the likes of Blue Beetle heading to theaters, the Wonder Twins were considered “too niche” to have any chance of being a theatrical hit. With other rumors suggesting the budget for the film was another big issue, it looks like the Wonder Twins would have needed a miracle to stay in contention to get cameras rolling in July as planned.

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Isabel May Was Excited to Be Part of The Wonder Twins Movie

The Wonder Twins were originally part of the cartoon series The All-New Super Friends Hour, but DC Comics then adapted the alien siblings into their world. While the characters are pretty obscure compared to any of the other superheroes brought to the big and small screen recently, Isabel May was looking forward to helping bring the duo to a broader audience. Speaking on The Playlist’s The Bingeworthy PodcastMay said:

“I’m so excited to work with [Sztykiel] and Marty Bowen, who’s a producer on it – this is his project just as much as Adam’s, and it’s just really cool to be a part of that world. I love learning about certain characters, so I’ve read all [of the comics]. I know they’re kind of the butt of the joke, sort of thing, but that’s what’s so fun about it is you can kind of go anywhere with it. And so I’ve read all of the comic books that they’re in and even watched the show [‘Super Friends’], and it’s not that, OK? It’s a different era, and we’re kind of doing a different thing. “I’d never heard of them, to be honest. And I’m someone who is more of a Japanese Anime / Manga lover myself. I could talk all day about that, but not necessarily Marvel or DC Comics. I do not want to lie – it’s just the truth, but I have learned everything there is to know about the Wonder Twins now. What I’m thrilled about – I guess I can not really say anything, but I think [the approach] is really unique and fun. ”

Later in the podcast, May was asked whether she had already seen any costume designs for her character Jayna, to which she replied, “Not yet. I’m nearly there. It’s a long process. ” It seems like it is a long process that the actress was destined not to make it to the end of. With so many DC show cancellations over on the CW in the last week, the cancellation of this project is just another blow for DC Comics fans.


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