Which Hogwarts Houses the MCU’s Avengers Would Be Sorted In

One of the biggest social phenomena that Harry Potter gave us was sorting ourselves into the respective Hogwarts Houses based on our personality traits. For many within an entire generation of readers and movie-lovers, identification with either Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, or Slytherin became a sort of shorthand in social interactions. Indeed, with the endless quizzes on Buzzfeed telling you which House you belong to, it’s practically impossible to avoid it.

An extension of this social phenomenon is its application towards our favorite fictional characters. Screen Rantfor example, sorted Star Wars characters into their respective Hogwarts Houses. In this article, we’re taking one of our favorite franchises, the MCU, and we’re giving the Avengers an unofficial sorting ceremony. Which Hogwarts Houses would they be sorted in?

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8 Ant-Man – Hufflepuff

Some may see this opinion as controversial, but in our eyes, Scott Lang is definitely a Hufflepuff. Although it could be argued that the Sorting Hat would probably hesitate whether to sort him into Gryffindor or Hufflepuff, but the final decision was clear as water. As a person, he is very genuine and kind towards others in almost every situation. He is dedicated to his team, is not afraid to show his affection, and is very patient with the people in his circle. Ant-Man is the perfect example of a pure Hufflepuff.

7 Thor – Gryffindor

You can not convince us that Gryffindor’s patron god would not be Thor. He is arrogant in nature and even though it has improved since the first movie and his interrupted coronation, he never fails to mention the power of the gods he carries with his title. His recklessness has gotten him into trouble numerous times before, such as pointlessly starting a war with the Frost Giants after getting stomped on his ego. But despite all of it, he’s brave as ever, driven by his ambition to be the best at everything he does. You can expect Thor’s return in the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunderwhich director Taika Waititi is “fantastic” and “cooler” than he expected it to be.

6 The Hulk – Ravenclaw

Someone as dedicated to exploring the frontier of knowledge? Definitely a Ravenclaw. Starting out as a scientist at university, Bruce Banner is one of the most intelligent Avengers. Whether he’s joining forces with Tony Stark or simply working alone, he’s clever enough to come up with needed solutions for desperate measures. Creativity runs in his blood. Considering how he’s bound by loyalty and hard work, some may sort him into the house of Hufflepuff, but we stand by our choice.

5 Hawkeye – Hufflepuff

It’s easy to imagine Clint Barton as a student who has convinced himself that he belongs in Gryffindor. He’s sure that the Sorting Hat will announce the said House, but he’s hit with a loud Hufflepuff! Despite his confusion, even Hawkeye realizes that he most certainly does give off Hufflepuff vibes. Clint is definitely one of those Hufflepuffs who are usually the kindest people on Earth, but once you mess with them, they become one of the ruthless ones, and it’s a scary sight – just as we could see with Barton taking on the identity of Ronin .

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4 Iron Man – Slytherin

In all honesty, Tony Stark would fit into every Hogwarts House. Yet, we can not help but see him as a Slytherin most of all. Similarly to most of the well-known Slytherins, Stark carries a very prestigious name on his back, one that has helped shape the history of our world. He is the most cunning out of all the Avengers and always full of himself. Being able to build an Iron Man suit in the middle of nowhere is enough to prove his resourcefulness. He is also very ambitious and always showcases quality leadership skills.

3 Captain America – Gryffindor

We think there is no better example of a Gryffindor with a good heart than Steve Rogers. Although there are many arguments that point Steve to the Slytherin direction, we’re convinced that he’s a Gryffindor who simply acts like a Slytherin. The Hogwarts Houses are dependent on what you value at the core of your heart. Brave at heart, chivalrous, has the nerve and determination? That pretty much sums up Captain America in one sentence.

2 Black Widow – Slytherin

Although we can see the Hufflepuff argument often connected to Natasha, in our eyes, she is a definite Slytherin. Her sister Yelena is certainly more of a Hufflepuff. Natasha, on the other hand, constantly resembles Tony’s personality traits, especially those of cockiness and resourcefulness. She is cunning when she needs to be in multiple situations, especially with her interrogation techniques where she’s not afraid to use her charm. Her lying deceiving skills are also on another level. She is silent, but deadly.

1 Spider-Man – Ravenclaw

Although Peter has made some teenage mistakes, we do not even have to explain just how smart the boy is for his age. He participated in many clubs, such as decathlon and robotics, he learned how to make his own webbing, and he’s excellent with computers. The MCU should definitely show more of Spider-Man’s witty side from the comics, but movies such as The Civil War prove that he has it in him. Peter is very creative with his suits and other improvements that he made before meeting Tony. He’s the perfect individual to describe what Ravenclaw stands for.


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