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Ironheart Disney + Series Reportedly Beginning Filming Earlier Than Expected

A new report is claiming the upcoming Ironheart series has started some early filming before production officially begins.

Disney + has allowed for the continued expansion of the MCU, and an upcoming series will continue the legacy of Tony Stark for a new generation of fans. Ironheart follows the story of Riri Williams, a character created by Brian Michael Bendis in 2016. Williams is an engineering student at MIT who designs a suit of armor comparable to Stark’s Iron Man armor. Even though the character has been around for less than a decade, Riri Williams has quickly become a fan favorite, leading Marvel Studios to develop a solo Disney + series as part of Phase Four. A production listing says Ironheart will begin production on June 20, but a recent Twitter post says some filming has already begun in the Windy City:


Even though the full production will not get underway for another month, it seems Marvel wants to get a jump on putting Ironheart together. Since the studio recently started filming the Hawkeye spin-off series Echoand season two of Loki is expected to start shooting in June, having some work already done for Ironheart may help move the principal photography along quicker to avoid any potential delays. Marvel has a pretty full production schedule at the moment, not to mention post-production work that’s continuing to be done on feature films such as Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3and The Marvels.

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Ironheart Will Continue the Legacy of Tony Stark

When it comes to the story of Ironheart, not much is known at this time about what the series will be focusing on. In the comics, Tony Stark has a mentor-like relationship with Riri Williams, much like the MCU has seen between Tony and Peter Parker. Obviously, Riri will not be able to have a direct connection with Tony due to the events of Avengers: Endgameso Ironheart may end up dealing with the legacy of Tony Stark in the same fashion that Spider-Man: Far From Home did. The early synopsis of the series does not reveal too much about the full story, but it at least lays out the basics of Ironheart:

“Genius inventor Riri Williams, an engineering student, creates the most advanced suit of armor since Iron Man.”

Dominique Thorne will be taking on the role of Riri Williams, and will actually be debuting as the character later this year in Wakanda Forever. The Black Panther sequel may shed some more light on the direction Riri will be heading in her spotlight series, and presents some interesting possibilities as far as connecting with fellow super genius Shuri. Ironheart will be directed by Samantha Bailey and Angela Barnes, and Thorne will be joined by Lyric Ross, Anthony Ramos, and Harper Anthony. With production expected to fully begin next month, Ironheart more than likely will not premiere until the latter part of 2023 at the earliest.

Ironheart Cover and Dominique Thorne

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