Season 2 Trailer for the Long-Awaited, Much Anticipated Miss Scarlet and the Duke Drops

When it comes to British period dramas, Downton Abbey has reigned on US television for what seems like ages. Last year, however, a new series, Miss Scarlet and the Duke, was introduced to Masterpiece Theater PBS viewers and another addiction quickly developed. Not since the pairing of Sherlock Holmes and Watson has there been such a dynamic detective duo from the Victorian era, and the growing number of fans of the show immediately took Twitter by storm to proclaim their love. The series stars Kate Phillips (Peaky Blinders, The Crown) as the fierce first-ever female detective Eliza Scarlet and Stuart Martin (Babylon, Jamestown) as the ruggedly handsome William “Duke” Wellington, an officer of Scotland Yard.


Almost eight million viewers tuned in to the series’ first episode when it premiered on PBS in January 2020 as part of MASTERPIECE’S 50th anniversary lineup, and it was streamed 3.6 million times.

Eliza Scarlet Returns to Make a Mark in a Man’s World

One thing which is blatantly evident to viewers is the white-hot chemistry between the two main characters, leaving fans with a “will they or won’t they?” at the end of Season 1. By the looks of the trailer and the show’s creator Rachael New’s promise of a dollop of romance, fans will not be disappointed.

For those not familiar with the show’s premise, Eliza Scarlet is an unmarried woman in Victorian London who is forced to work after her father is murdered. Taking over her father’s detective agency is a job she relishes but not one taken seriously by most during those times. Detective Inspector William “Duke” Wellington, a childhood friend, sometimes finds himself reluctantly helping Eliza but more often than not, it is she who is solving the case of London’s crimes, thus slowly gaining recognition in a male-dominated field. As the two work together, their bond continues to grow, with long-suppressed feelings constantly steaming past all their bickering.

So far, only a synopsis for the first two episodes of Season 2 is available. In the first episode, Pandora’s Box, the sister of a missing woman hires Eliza to find her, but when the case is closed by the police, new tensions arise between Eliza and the Duke. In the second episode, The Black Witch Motha valuable sketch by the late Charles Darwin has been stolen and Eliza is hired by an insurance company to find it, but a twist soon emerges.

Season 2 of Miss Scarlet and the Duke premieres on Sunday, October 16, 2022. Check your local listing for time.

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