Joseph Morgan Addresses Rumors of Klaus’ Return in Legacies Finale

Two weeks ago, MovieWeb reported that Legacies had gotten canceledand The Vampire Diaries saga is finally coming to an end. Now, with the end of season 4 and the show as a whole so close to the end, universe star Joseph Morgan has begun to tease that his character, Klaus Mikaelson, might be making a return.

Morgan shared a series of tweets on his official Twitter account that many believe to be cryptic messages dropping hints about his return to the franchise. The tweet started with the actor promising that he had not “seen any cast from the TVDU in years.” He then followed that up with an “official statement” video that, like the previous tweet, denounced people looking for hidden meaning.


Klaus, short for Niklaus, was a major figure in the universe as a whole. An original vampire, werewolf hybrid, Klause first appeared as a primary antagonist on The Vampire Diaries before drifting into the realm of being an anti-hero. Eventually, Klaus went on to be the main character in The Originals, which concerned his family and the birth of his daughter Hope. As played by Danielle Rose Russell, Hope then became the lead in Legacies.

In the finale of The Originals, Klaus, to protect his daughter from the ghost of an ancient witch called the Hollow, Klaus absorbed the spirit into his body and staked himself with a white oak stake, one of the few things that can kill an original vampire. As far as deaths go, that certainly seemed final, but fictional characters have returned from worse.

The End Is Nigh

After the news of Legacies’ end came, series creator Julie Plec revealed that the writers had been forewarned about the show being canceled. Good news for fans worried about the season ending on the usual cliffhanger. Instead, while the cast, crew, and fans might have been disappointed that the show would end, Plec reassured viewers that the story would be ending on their terms and would wrap up loose ends. She also guaranteed cameos from the extended Vampire Diaries family that would blow the minds of longtime fans.

Indeed, season 4 of Legacies has seen the return of quite a few characters from previous shows, more so than in any of the earlier seasons. Claire Holt, Riley Voelkel, and Nathaniel Buzolic all reprised their roles as Klaus siblings Rebekah, Freya, and Kol Mikaelson. Charles Michael Davis, who played Klaus adopted son Marcel Gerard, and Summer Fontana, who played a young Hope, also returned. Rebecca Breeds, who played Klaus’ old flame Aurora de Martel, had a multiple-episode arc, unlike the others who only came back for one or two episodes.

With so many alumni returning, it certainly learns credence to the theory that Morgan will appear in some capacity during the final three episodes of season 4. Either way, the grand finale is set for June 16, 2022, bringing an end to an era for the CW. The channel has been airing all three shows since 2009 when The Vampire Diaries first premiered.


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