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Johnny Depp Rocks Out On Stage With Jeff Beck During Trial Break

In videos shared online, Johnny Depp sings and plays guitar with Jeff Beck at a live concert in the UK.

Jurors have yet to reach a verdict in Johnny Depp‘s defamation trial, but the former Pirates of the Caribbean star is already back to entertaining fans. The actor made a surprise appearance on stage during friend Jeff Beck’s recent show in Sheffield as part of his UK tour. Videos of the two rocking out have been getting shared online by the fans who were in attendance to watch it all go down.

Previously, Depp and Beck collaborated on the song “Isolation,” a remake of a John Lennon song, in 2020. The two did a live rendition of the song at the Sheffield show. They also performed Marvin Gaye’s “What’s Going On” and Jimi Hendrix’s “Little Wing” in other concert clips. You can check some of those out below.


While he’s best known as an actor, Depp has always had a passion for music. He was originally looking to make it as a musician when he gave acting a try, resulting in a quickly blossoming film career. But he never gave up music, and in more recent years, Depp formed the supergroup Hollywood Vampires with Alice Cooper and Joe Perry. Other fans may also soon be treated to Depp performing on stage. Per Deadlinethere is speculation that he will make additional appearances with Jeff Beck in the coming days.

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Johnny Depp’s Trial Wrapped as Jurors Deliberate

Johnny Depp taking to the stage may be a way for the performer to let loose a bit after the weeks-long televised trial. Depp sued ex-wife Amber Heard for $ 50 million in damages, alleging she had tarnished his career and gotten him fired from the Pirates of the Caribbean series due to false allegations of domestic abuse. Heard counter-sued for $ 100 million, and during her testimony, she insisted Depp had regularly abused her before defaming her with the legal battle.

If it’s a celebration, it might be a bit premature. The trial has wrapped up all of its testimony and the jurors are currently deliberating. Defamation trials are notoriously difficult to win, and many legal experts are theorizing that Depp will have an uphill battle with winning his case. But Depp has seemingly found vindication in the court of public opinion, as millions of fans are standing by him feeling that he’s proven his case with the evidence that has been put on display for everyone to see in the televised trial.

With so much support behind Depp, there’s a good chance he will be able to return to starring in Hollywood films once the trial is officially wrapped. It may be too late for Pirates of the Caribbean or Fantastic Beasts, but there will certainly be many other opportunities for Depp to come along that his fans will want to pay to see. In recent days, rumors have emerged that he could be reuniting with Tim Burton for a rumored Beetlejuice sequel, and even though that has not been verified, many Depp fans have been ecstatic about the possibility.

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