Why Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s Hilarious Other Show Deserves More Love

Many comedy fans will be aware of the brilliant English actress Phoebe Waller-Bridgewhose incredible career began on stage, but is most well known for the large amount of attention that her show Fleabag gained. The actress deservedly won a string of awards for the show and there is no doubt that fans will agree that Fleabag could be argued to be one of the best british TV shows of recent decades, what with its unique and brilliant dark comedy and unforgettable characters.

Even though Fleabag introduced Waller-Bridge to a new level of recognition, she most certainly wasn’t simply a beginner. For those who are craving something more from the actress, with a bit of digging they will find her 2016 Channel 4 sitcom, Crashing, which is unfortunately totally underrated and unrecognized (and not to be confused with Pete Holmes’ HBO show of the same name). It follows Waller-Bridge (who created and wrote Crashing, as well) as Lulu, who wants to surprise her best friend Anthony, and decides to stay when Anthony’s girlfriend invites her to share a room at their place. Except, said place is an abandoned hospital which Anthony and his partner share with four other people as property guardians to save money.


When Lulu moves in, things go from bad to worse, and a love triangle forms between Lulu, Anthony, and his partner. While the narrative primarily focuses on Lulu and Anthony’s relationship, light is shed on other cast members, and we get to witness multiple comedic yet dramatic dynamics in this sexy, uncomfortable, authentic single-season comedy series that definitely deserves more love.

Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s Relatable Characters

Some fans may claim that two best friends falling in love is nothing new. Yet, Crashing is still extremely refreshing as it does not only focus on one relationship. In addition to Lulu, Sam, Kate, Melody, and Colin are four additional quirky characters who have their own issues: an overly sexual Sam, Anthony’s girlfriend Kate, the curious artist Melody, and heartbroken Colin. It’s a diverse group of characters, each with a compelling backstory that the audience can not help but get attached to; it’s as if the beloved teen drama Skins was a delightful comedy with more likable and mature characters.

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What is particularly special and clever with this show is that, while each character is distinct and individually developed with separate interesting stories, each of them still fits in with the overarching themes of the show – growth and acceptance. Throughout the episodes of Crashing, the characters’ deepest fears and vulnerabilities are exposed in a series of well-executed comedy performances that gradually unravel the plot, of course keeping the audience completely hooked. It’s almost too embarrassing to see, yet you’re having so much fun with it that you do not want to take your eyes off it.

The stories are all told exclusively through unconventional and often confusing relationships, which means that despite them each having their own story, they are all still brought together and are connected in some way. Not to mention that the stories are all wonderfully conveyed, with hilarious and relatable acting from the cast, all of which continues to be aspects of why Waller-Bridges’ work is considered some of the greatest television of all time.

Crashing is Perfectly Binge-Worthy

This is unfortunately quite a small show, but fans should not let this be put off. The fact that there are only six episodes of Crashingeach around 20-25 minutes long means that it is certainly a perfect show to binge-watch (and cringe-watch, with the hilarious awkwardness of some scenes). Whether you’re sad, bored, happy or even want something to comfort watch, Crashing should definitely be at the top of the list. It is without a doubt something more than just a bunch of adults trying to come to terms with life, to put it simply, it’s a show that when you start, you just can not stop.

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With it being such a short series, of course fans can assume that there may be some room left for more, a follow-up season perhaps, but it also still works perfectly just by itself. By the end of the season, there is a sense of relief and comfort knowing that every character has achieved some self-growth, which allows the audience to feel that the themes surrounding the show have been fulfilled, and maybe it is the perfect ending, not to be tampered with.

Although, even if there were to be room for more from this show, Waller-Bridge’s well deserved career has now taken off, as many fans will know, so it’s unlikely we’ll ever get a season two of this quirky little gem. Nevertheless, with it being such a comforting, heart-warming show, there may be no need for anymore, as it is definitely something quick, easy, and hilarious to re-watch time and time again for a bit of feel-good TV.

Whether you’re watching her as someone stumbling their way through life in Fleabag or Crashing, or appreciate her narrative brilliance behind the scenes of Killing EveWaller-Bridge never fails to create a sense of freedom in her shows – a fundamental struggle experienced by her characters between what they ‘should’ do and what they want to do, something viewers across the world can relate to, and the hilarious Crashing is hardly an exception.

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