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James Gunn Calls Out Guardians of the Galaxy Casting Scam on Twitter

Guardians of the Galaxy 3 completed filming last month, but a fake casting call has appeared online.

For fans of the Guardians of the Galaxy movies, it seemed earlier this week that a chance had arisen to become part of the MCU with a role in James Gunn‘s final Guardians movie. However, the Guardians of the Galaxy director has taken to his Twitter account to warn anyone seeing the recent casting call that it is all a scam, as filming has already been completed on the Marvel movie. Gunn not only called the ad “bullsh-t” but also shared a screenshot of the fake agency to make people aware of what to watch out for.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 is going to be the swansong of a number of the current Guardians line up and will also see the arrival of Adam Warlock to the MCU. While the Guardians movies have not been the biggest earners of the Marvel franchise, the love for the characters has grown over the years, and with the cosmic team also due to appear in this year’s Thor: Love and Thunder, their last movie will draw a lot of attention. For that reason alone, it seems that the scam advert is hoping to dupe a lot of people, but not if Gunn can help it. He posted:


“Okay this is disgusting. People should beware of companies like @ Nine9dotCOM, ripping off people and taking advantage of their dreams. Once again, this casting call is bullsh-t: we finished shooting a month ago.”

Gunn then took his fight directly to the “agency,” responding to one of their tweets that boasted of their relationship with directors. Gunn fired back, “Maybe you con artists should not be the ones talking about ‘good relationships’ with directors.”

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James Gunn Celebrated Guardians 3 Wrapping on Twitter Early Last Month

The scam posting is a strange one considering how often James Gunn is on social media and how often he has updated fans on the progress of the Guardians filming schedule. This culminated at the beginning of May when the director shared a cast photo and announced that the film had wrapped. At the time he wrote:

“And that’s a picture wrap on the Guardians of the Galaxy trilogy. I love this amazing cast & crew & their beautiful talent & kind souls. I’m a lucky human to have them on the journey with me for nearly a decade. ”

Although the current line-up of the Guardians team is winding down, it is not likely to be the last time we see the Guardians in some form. There is already the Disney + series I Am Groot coming, and there has been frequent talk of other characters getting spin offs at some point. In addition to that it would not be unexpected if those who remain after the events of Guardians 3 will continue on to a fourth Guardians of the Galaxy movie as well as being a part of any “Avengers style” event movies that come along in the future.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 arrives in May 2023, but first the Guardians will be seen in their own Holiday Special this December and of course that appearance next month in Thor: Love and Thunder.

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