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Scream Star Jenna Ortega Wins Most Frightened Performance at MTV Awards

The win for Most Frightened Performance at the MTV Movie & TV Awards goes to Jenna Ortega for Scream. Every year, the MTV Movie & TV Awards honors various films, TV shows, and performers, with the 2022 ceremony marking the 30th annual show. The festivities were hosted by Vanessa Hudgens and Tayshia Adams with Ortega picking up the award for Most Frightened Performance.

Ortega just so happens to have also starred in X, the retro-style slasher flick released earlier this year by Ti West. That film was also up in the Most Frightened Performance category with Ortega’s co-star Mia Goth nominated. The other nominees included Kyle Richards for Halloween KillsMillicent Simmonds for A Quiet Place Part IIand Sadie Sink for Fear Street: Part Two 1978.


Ortega has certainly been making a mark in the horror genre. Aside from Scream and Xshe also recently appeared in Studio 666, a horror comedy film developed by Dave Grohl and his band Foo Fighters. She also appeared in the films Insidious: Chapter 2 and The Babysitter: Killer Queenand has a starring role in the Netflix thriller series You. Ortega can currently be heard as a main voice in the animated series Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous and will soon be starring as the titular character in WednesdayTim Burton’s reboot of The Addam’s Family that’s in the works at Netflix.

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Jenna Ortega Paid Tribute to Drew Barrymore with Scream Role

Jenna Ortega plays a character in the fifth Scream that’s been compared to Drew Barrymore’s Casey Becker from the original film. Ortega previously told Entertainment Tonight that she came into the film hoping to do the franchise justice, and given her win at the MTV Movie & TV Awards, it would seem that she really has done just that.

“The thing about it is the Drew Barrymore, Casey Becker scene is one of my favorite scenes of all time across the board in cinema,” Ortega explained. “Also, it could not have been done more perfectly, so it’s hard because I know that all the Scream films since then have been kind of a reiteration or a play on that scene. So, I was kind of wanting to make this one different somehow, but also not seem like I was trying to rip anybody off. I could never do that. “

She added, “I wanted to make it my own, but I also wanted to make sure that the acknowledgment and respect for Drew and Wes and Kevin was there and done. I know that people are very critical because that set such a standard, it being the first scene of the franchise and it being so iconic.It’s something that I think the Scream community critiques a lot and is very hardcore, and I just did not want to let anybody down. “

Scream can be found streaming on Paramount +.

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