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Stranger Things Plot Lines That Need Closure in Season 4, Volume 2

Premiering a few episodes and not the entire season on the same date is a strategy that is becoming common for Netflix. This happened a few times before, including with the hit Spanish show La Casa De Papel (Money Heist) and the acclaimed Ozark. This choice is not something some fans like, and even best-selling author Stephen King complained about the lack of ending from the latest season of Stranger Things.

Stranger Things vol.1 of season four was recently released and is currently available to stream. It was not a surprise when one of Netflix’s biggest shows quickly broke records in the audience and is currently the most-watched English-language series on the platform. There are two episodes left, and the viewers are excitedly waiting for July 1st when they are going to be released.


Because the season is not completed, there are a lot of open plot lines that need resolution. Here are a few of them that need closure in the last episodes of season four.

Will’s Sexuality

Since season one, the topic of Will’s (Noah Schnapp) sexuality has been hinted at a couple of times, going as far as Mike (Finn Wolfhard) saying that it is not his fault Will does not like girls in a previous season. In Eleven’s (Millie Bobby Brown) letter to Mike in the first episode of season four, she mentions that Will is acting weird and that she thinks he might like someone. Not much else was said on the subject, but it is something that the fans are eager to see explored.

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Love Triangle

The love triangle between Nancy (Natalia Dyer), Jonathan (Charlie Heaton) and Steve (Joe Keery), started in season one, and for the last couple of seasons, it appeared that it had ended: Nancy chose Jonathan. However, the couple is struggling to be together this year, with Jonathan lying about where he is going to college and trying to slowly break up with Nancy. So, Nancy found herself alone in Hawkings, just like Steve. The former boyfriend and girlfriend share more than a few intimate moments, hinting that they might still like each other. There was no interaction between Jonathan and Nancy in this season (so far), so the final episodes should spare a few minutes clarifying this situation.

Police Hunt

Eddie (Joseph Quinn) is being searched for by the police as the main suspect in the brutal murders. The main characters’ families are worried because they can not find them, and there is a killer on the loose. How will the characters explain to the police that is a monster who is killing all those people? The government had its ways to silence the police in previous seasons, something that did not work out with cops like Hopper (David Harbor). How are they going to explain the real danger they are facing to someone who has yet to experience the horrors of the Upside Down?

Road Trip

After seeking Dustin’s (Gaten Matarazzo) girlfriend, Suzie (Gabriella Pizzolo), for help, Jonathan, Argyle (Eduardo Franco), Will, and Mike have Eleven’s location. They will have to travel and try to help free her. Not knowing what’s happening to her is driving them crazy, as well as being aware that everyone in Hawkings is in danger. Their reunion with Eleven needs to happen this season, maybe even giving them a chance to go back and fight the monster together.

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Prison Escape

Hopper, Joyce (the best Winona Ryder performance in a while), Dmitri aka ‘Enzo’ (Tom Wlaschiha), and Murray (Brett Gelman) are still inside the prison. Their plan to escape is not clear even to the characters themselves. Without the threat of the Demogorgon trying to kill them, this unique team will have to figure out how they can escape a maximum-security prison. And their problems do not stop there: once out, how will they travel back to the United States without raising awareness of the Russian government? The teens need them now more than ever before, especially Eleven, after undergoing such traumatic events.

Vecna’s Past

Vol.1 ended with Nancy being Vecna’s next target. She is transported to his mind, and unlike the others, he shows her his past. Vecna ​​mentions how close Nancy was to finding out the truth when she went after the serial killer Victor Creel (Robert Englund), who was Vecna’s father when he was still human. There must be a reason why instead of instantly killing her like the others, he showed her his past. His decision should be explained in the final episodes, alongside if she is going to be one of his victims or not.

Vecna ​​is a Prisoner Again

It appears that Upside Down is using Vecna’s abilities to feed itself. Going off Dustin’s theory (who seems to always be right this season), he is working for the Mind Flayer, who was season two’s villain. The enormous monster must be the one controlling everything, including Vecna; for the Upside Down tentacles keep connecting to Vecna’s body after he kills someone – that is when he is the strongest. This dynamic needs further explanation so that there is no confusion about what is really happening in one of the most famous alternate realities in television today.

Eleven’s Next Move

Eleven finally remembers everything that happened to her; she’s now supposed to have her powers back and face Vecna. However, nothing is completely clear when Dr. Brenner (Matthew Modine) is involved, and their relationship appears to be mending itself. How Eleven will treat her Papa now that she has her powers again remains to be seen, along with the confirmation that the immersive experiments were capable of bringing her full powers back.

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