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Plot, Cast, and Everything Else We Know

Neil Patrick Harris will be starring in the series Uncoupled on Netflix. Smack dab in the middle of what is promising to be a long, hot summer, this steamy series starring the breakout How I Met Your Mother star will drop. The new project comes to us by producer Darren Star, who sports Emily in Paris, Sex in the Cityand Younger.

An alluring teaser trailer was recently released to much excitement. Star has said of this series that it will be “more mature” than some of his lighter-spirited work, such as his most recent, irresistibly stylish Emily in Paris. This makes sense based on the trailer, which promises a lot of sensual intrigues, interpersonal drama, and even violent ideas. Jeffrey Richman of the series Frasier and Modern Family will be co-creating alongside Star. Netflix’s VP of original comedy series Tracey Pakosta said about working with Richman and Star:


“We are excited to be partnering with Darren on another exciting new series. Both Darren and Jeffrey have continuously permeated the zeitgeist by creating characters and stories that resonate with audiences around the world.”

The show is shaping up to be a visually and thematically enjoyable interpretation of a man enjoying all the best that the city has to offer while confronting the worst he has inside himself and the most traumatic thing that has ever happened to him. What better place to reinvent yourself than in the new Rome, New York City? Here is everything else that we know and expect about Uncoupled!

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Uncoupled: The Plot

The slick, NYC-based series will follow Neil Patrick Harris’s character Michael at the end of a long-crumbling marriage. When his husband finally walks out the door, Michael must begin his life all over again by finding himself, dipping his toe back into the dating pool, and dealing with the betrayal and emotional withdrawal that afflicts all those experiencing a breakup or divorce. Shown in the trailer to be smashing a fresh bouquet of romantic red roses next to a garbage can and set to a tune of the jazzy, snazzy music that declares on behalf of all New York City romantic dramas, “this is a New York City romantic drama, “it looks like it will be a long, hard road back to new normal for Michael.

Both Jeffrey Richman and Darren Star are excited to produce a series about a 40-something, single gay man living his life in New York City. While they have emphasized that the show is not about being gay, it seems the producers at Netflix are very much looking forward to producing such a representative series. It is refreshing to see a project that is very much about a character, about a human person just trying to live their life, without calling to mind any stereotypes or lack of stereotypes, as so many “representative” shows are prone to doing. Content should not be announcing that it is attempting to put underrepresented material in the mainstream, it should just be actively doing it, and Uncoupled looks to be achieving just that.

The show’s producer Jeffrey Richman said of the show:

“We could not hope for a more perfect home for Uncoupled than Netflix. A romantic comedy with a gay leading man; it is a passion project for us that feels both personal and universal. ”

Darren Star, meanwhile, explained of his upcoming series:

“I think we’ve all had breakups, and it’s about a breakup. It’s about a gay man who’s [in his] late 40s, who’s single in New York – and it’s an experience that I can relate to and know a lot of people that have gone through it. “

We look forward to seeing what Netflix has in store for us in this new series. We hope it helps us move on from some of our past romantic drama, too!

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Uncoupled: The Cast

Alongside the titular Neil Patrick Harris will be Tuc Watkins (Black Monday, Parks and Recreation), who will be portraying Michael’s ex-husband, a hedge-fund manager. Watkins definitely looks the type, so it can be assumed he will play this role to the letter. Tisha Campbell of My Wife and Kids and Little Shop of Horrors will be playing Michael’s coworker and new partner in crime, as we can see her character and Harris dancing it up and having a marvelous time in a nightclub in the trailer.

Little else is yet known about the exact character dynamic, but based on the trailer, it does look as though Michael will be getting his kicks with some very attractive love interests in his quest to move on from his recently failed marriage.

Release Date

Uncoupled will release exclusively on Netflix on July 29, 2022.

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