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Best Beyoncé Movies, Ranked

Beyoncé is a star who needs no introduction. iKnown for her out-of-this-world vocal abilities and show-stopping live performances, her iconic fashion statements, and her business acumen, she is a superstar in every sense of the word. Like other singers who became great actorsBeyoncé has, throughout the years, found success in the film industry, whether through her music or her on-screen performances.

For the most part, the characters that Beyoncé has portrayed in movies have been similar to her own professional and personal journeys, typically having some kind of musical ability, moment, or connection to the music industry. Of course, she has also taken on roles that have pushed her out of her comfort zone.

Most recently, Beyoncé was nominated for Best Original Song for her musical contribution to the film King Richard, the song “Be Alive”. Per EWthe Grammy-winning singer reached out to the team behind King Richard and offered to create a song for the film. Prior to King RichardBeyoncé released a musical documentary called Black is Kinga companion piece to the album of original songs she wrote for the 2019 live-action version of The Lion King. The documentary was met with some criticism, but was overall a visual triumph for the singer. While we wait until Beyoncé graces the screen again, here’s a look at her best movies, ranked.

7 Carmen: A Hip Hopera

Carmen: A Hip Hopera is a modern reimagination of Georges Bizet’s opera Carmen, swapping the classical musical style of the original with rap, and Beyoncé succeeds well in embodying her role. The story follows Carmen as she falls in love with a policeman from Philadelphia, played by Mekhi Phifer, who is engaged. Her character meets a tragic end, and Beyoncé brings us fully on board with her acting talents.

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6 The Pink Panther

In 2006, Beyoncé starred in a reboot of The Pink Panther franchise as Xania, a pop star who is also the girlfriend of a man known as Yves Glaunt. She stars alongside Steve Martin who plays the leading role, and she does a good job though the role does not challenge her acting talents much. Beyoncé also performed two songs for her role, “Woman Like Me” and “Check On It,” which became a worldwide hit.

5 Obsessed

In the 2009 thriller Obsessed, Beyoncé plays Sharon, who is the wife of a man being stalked by a temp at his office. This movie shows Beyoncé in a very different role than usual, and we see her step out of her comfort zone. The film received mixed reviews from critics, but has become a cult classic.

4 Dreamgirls

Dreamgirls was a huge success when it was released and is loosely based on the story of Diana Ross and the Supremes. Beyoncé takes the leading role as Deena, the lead singer of the group who later moves on to have a successful solo career and marries a powerful record producer. Her vocals are very impressive throughout, and she performs her role well, embodying a superstar easily. The film was very well received and Beyoncé delivered a stellar performance, earning her a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actress in a Comedy or Musical.

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3 The Lion King

The Lion King was remade in 2019 and was one of the most successful and highly anticipated films of the year. Beyoncé lent her voice to the role of Nala, whose presence is more amplified than the original. Beyoncé’s voice fits perfectly for the film, so much so that director Jon Favreau was adamant that she would voice the role. Along with her voice acting work, she also recorded music for the soundtrack and released an album which was inspired by the film.

2 Austin Powers in Goldmember

Although Austin Powers in Goldmember did not receive the best reviews when it was released, it stood the test of time and is one of the most unique additions in Beyoncé’s filmography. Unlike other films in the list, Beyoncé’s role in this film allows her to tap into her comedic side, which we do not usually get to see, ultimately showing her versatility as an actor. The film was a box office success and earned her an MTV Movie Award nomination.

1 Cadillac Records

Cadillac Records was a film that truly showcased Beyoncé’s talents as an actor. Portraying Etta James, it was the first time the singer-actress played a real-life person. Although there are parallels in their lives as two very successful singers, they are very different, which showcases her range as an actor. Her performance tapped into darker emotions than she had portrayed onscreen previously, and it was received more positively overall by critics. Her vocal performance is particularly impressive and her rendition of “At Last” was especially praised.

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