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Dexter New Blood Cast: Character Guide and Descriptions

This article contains spoilers for DexterDexter first aired on Showtime in 2006 to massive praise and success. A show centering on a serial killer that only kills bad people captivated audiences and left critics buzzing. So, fans were left utterly disappointed by the series finale in 2013. The frustration was renewed when Dexter saw a renaissance with the boom of streaming. With Dexter living through the finale, audiences hoped more would come from the eight-season show.

When Showtime announced Dexter: New Bloodit was met with excitement and speculation on what the new series would bring. Dexter: New Blood aired on November 7, 2021, and took place 10 years after the close of its predecessor. The new story added to the original series while keeping the same comfortable formula that we expect from the writers of Dexter. The series brings back some of our favorite characters while adding some fresh new faces into the mix.


Dexter Morgan AKA Jim Lindsay

Michael C. Hall reprises his role as the titular character, Dexter Morgan. The original series closes with Dexter living in Oregon, after somehow surviving a hurricane. With the return of Dexter in New Blood, we see him living in the fictitious town of Iron Lake in upstate New York. Dexter is living under the new identity of Jim Lindsay, and is a local shopkeeper at Fred’s Fish & Game. Dating the police chief, it seems that Dexter has the peaceful life he had always dreamed of. This facade is quickly broken as we see Dexter struggle with the demons from his past.

Debra ‘Deb’ Morgan

Jennifer Carpenter returns as Dexter’s sister, Debra ‘Deb’ Morgan. When we last saw Deb, she had died of a stroke after telling Dexter to have a good life. Dexter then takes her body out to sea as he fakes his death. Deb now takes on the role of Dexter’s “Dark Passenger,” replacing their father, Harry (James Remar). Deb is back with her usual brash nature and snide remarks, giving us the polar opposite of Harry’s gentle charm.

Harrison Morgan / Lindsey

Arguably the most important returning character aside from Dexter is his son Harrison, played by Jack Alcott. After the death of Harrison’s stepmother, Hannah (Yvonne Strahovski), Harrison was sent to multiple foster homes. After 10 years he has finally found Dexter under his new identity. Now a teenager, Harrison struggles with his own demons as he tries to navigate through high school. Joining the high school wrestling team and dating the police chief’s daughter in a move which makes him symbolically similar to Dexter, Harrison solidifies himself as an essential member of the community, much like his father.

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Chief Angela Bishop

Angela Bishop, played by Julia Jones, is the police chief of Iron Lake, New York. Angela is the first Native American and first female police chief of the small rural town. She’s Dexter’s current girlfriend, and it’s unsure how long they’ve been together. Angela is the adoptive mother of Audrey (Johnny Sequoyah), whose biological mother was Angela’s best friend. Although underestimated by her community, she is a driven cop who will stop at nothing to uncover the truth.

Audrey Bishop

Newcomer Johnny Sequoyah plays Audrey Bishop, Angela’s adoptive daughter. Audrey is a popular high school student and is dating Harrison. The opinionated teen is never afraid to speak her mind, no matter what issues that may cause for her mother. Audrey is very vocal against injustice and will rally her community to protest.

Kurt Caldwell

Clancy Brown (The Shawshank Redemption) appears as our antagonist Kurt Caldwell. Kurt was born and raised in Iron Lake, cementing him as a staple in the community and the unofficial mayor. Making his living driving big rigs, he now owns the local truck stop. Kurt’s kindness shows no bounds as he is constantly giving food and money to local runaways. He even provides shelter for the saddest cases he comes across. Kurt will go to any length to protect those he loves, including his son, Matt (Steve M. Robertson). Although loved by everyone, Kurt carries a dark secret that would destroy his reputation.

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Sgt. ‘Coach’ Logan

Angela’s second in command is Sgt. ‘Coach’ Logan, played by Alano Miller. Sgt. Logan is the assistant coach of the high school wrestling team and a pillar of the small community. A close friend of Jim Lindsey and mentor to Harrison, Logan prides himself on doing the right thing no matter the cost and teaches his students to do the same.

Molly Park

Jamie Chung (Big Hero Six) plays the tenacious true-crime podcasts, Molly Park. Hosting a podcast about serial killers, Molly travels to Iron Lake upon hearing the reports of a new murder. Molly’s obsession causes her to butt heads with Police Chief Angela Bishop, but nothing will deter the young reporter.

With the season over, there has been no green light from Showtime for another season. Although fans are not alone as showrunner Clyde Phillips also holds out hope for the possibility of another season. Both Dexter and Dexter: New Blood is available for streaming on Showtime Anytime.

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