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Disney + Unlocks Monsters at Work Season 2 Trailer

Mike, Sully, and the MIFT crew are back for more. Earlier this week, Disney +’s official Twitter account posted the first teaser trailer for Monsters at Work season 2! The tweet and trailer can be viewed below.

While the trailer is a brief look into what’s to come, there are quite a few things confirmed. We get to see all our favorite characters return, both from the movie and from the show, and we’re sure to get a fun time! If you’re new to Monsters at Workhere’s a basic rundown of the series…

Monsters at Work is a direct sequel to the 2002 Pixar original, Monsters Inc .. The series starts off with Mike and Sully as they are struggling to repurpose Monsters Inc. from a scream factory and into a laugh factory. But that plotline is mainly pushed to the side in favor of a new cast of characters. We follow Tylor Tuskmon, a graduate from Monsters University, with big dreams of becoming a scarer. Prior to the show, Tylor received a letter of acceptance from the previous owner of Monsters Inc., Henry J. Waternoose III.


But if you remember what happened to him in Monsters Inc., this is bad news for Tylor. Fresh out of college and with a degree that no longer has any worth in his changing dream career, Tylor is reassigned to the Monsters Inc. Facilities Team (MIFT) as a mechanic. While Mike and Sully tackle the company from the top, Tylor and the MIFT crew stumble their way into the inner bowels.


The Monsters get to Work!

Monsters at Work premiered in July 2021 on Disney +, with new episodes releasing every Wednesday for ten episodes. While the show received mostly average reviews from critics, it did manage to lay down the groundwork for some fun original stuff in the Monsters Inc. universe. Bobs Gannaway, the series developer and executive producer for season 1, spoke with about the themes of a changing work culture were utilized in the series.

“It was so tricky getting just to this idea. I know this idea seems so obvious, that we have this character that graduated from Monsters U and then he goes and shows up they changed to laugh power and that seems like an obvious idea, but it took us a long time just to hone in on that. A time of change is a great time to tell a story. Mike and Sulley are having to deal with being put in charge. If you look at that little shot and when they’re told, Mike’s super excited and Sulley’s face drops. Responsibility and then perks are the two attitudes. That was the fun of playing that where Sully is trying to shoulder this weight of responsibility, while Mike is running around enjoying being in charge, but also now he has to train a bunch of scary monsters on how to be funny. “

Monsters at Work season 2 will be premiering in 2023 and will be executive-produced by Emmy Award-winning Kevin Deters. The show stars John Goodman, Billy Crystal, Ben Feldman, Mindy Kaling, Henry Winkler, Lucas Neff, and Alanna Ubach.

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