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Ms. Marvel Debuts With Lowest Viewership Of Any Live-Action Marvel Show

Ms. Marvel debuted on Disney + as the highest-rated TV show to come from Marvel Studios to date. Despite that, it looks like the series has failed to connect with viewers in quite the same way as it did with critics when it comes to watch time as so far the series is reported to be the least-watched Marvel series to arrive on Disney + by some way. With Kamala Kahn set to return in next year The Marvels, there is a question about why the youngster’s debut has not taken off.

Marvel Studios has been on a huge winning streak with their MCU TV output on Disney +, with all of their live-action series pulling in well over a million views in their first five days. At the top level, Loki was watched 2.5 million times, while the last series to release, Moon Knightattracted 1.8 million views. Ms. Marvelhowever, was said to have been watched by just 775k over the same time period, but seemingly the show pulled in more 20-24-year-old viewers and much more diverse audience than other shows.


There could be many reasons behind the lack of viewership of the series, and a lot of it could come down to timing. Back when the likes of Loki and WandaVision were being released, many countries were going through some kind of lockdown or stay-at-home order from the Covid pandemic, meaning there were a lot more people with more time on their hands to tune in. Additionally, many of the characters to have been given TV shows have been well-established characters already or had the intrigue about them of Moon Knight. Ms. Marvel is a young character, and may seem inconsequential to older audiences, who could well be waiting to watch the entire series at a later date.

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Ms. Marvel Launched In The Middle Of Other Big Series

Another major aspect of Ms. Marvel‘s failure to draw people in during the first few days could be down to the other huge series that are streaming at the same time. Last month, Netflix dropped their biggest season of Stranger Things yet, with 7 feature-length episodes for viewers to get through, and potentially re-watch again before the final two episodes arrive on July 1. In addition to this Disney + is also releasing new episodes of Star Wars series Obi-Wan Kenobi on the same day as Ms. Marvel‘s new releases, and with the Star Wars movie having been awaited by fans for a long time and having a record-breaking premiere, there is only going to be one winner in that particular battle each week. Over on Amazon Prime, The Boys is enjoying the successful arrival of its third season, and will again be more of a draw to older viewers than Ms. Marvel.

With Obi-Wan Kenobi due to end this week, perhaps Ms. Marvel will see an increase in viewership across its last episodes. Either way, it’s not likely that Marvel Studios will be too worried about the series’ initial viewer numbers, as when it comes to streaming it can sometimes be more of a marathon than a sprint.

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