Full House Star Bob Saget Honored by Friends and Family for Father’s Day

The first Father’s Day without Bob Saget has many who knew him paying tribute. From his time on Full House playing the Tanner family patriarch, Saget had long been established as “America’s favorite dad.” But among those missing Saget most of all would be his real-life children, including daughter Lara Saget, who paid tribute to her late father with a touching Instagram post.

“My dad was not just my dad, he was my best friend,” Lara Saget wrote. “He wore his heart. He did not hide it; he was not afraid of love. My dad simply wanted to share laughter and love with this world. I have noticed how scary it can be to love that big, to open so fully. It can be easier to be angry, fearful, negative. Maybe because love has an infinite quality, it is boundless. “


She added, “My dad taught me that it does not matter what life throws, how hard, how painful, how seemingly impossible. It does not stop that love. He chose love, always. I commit to doing the same. The love is right here. And it’s my responsibility to give it to myself and to share by living in love. I love you infinitely, dad. Happy Father’s Day. “

Saget’s TV daughter Jodie Sweetin commented, “Beautiful, Lara. Sending you lots of love today.”

Another person who paid homage is How I Met Your Mother co-creator Craig Thomas. Notably, Saget had served as the narrator on How I Met Your Mother, giving him another chance to play a dad for several years on a hit series. This fact was not lost on Thomas, who could not help but think of Saget on Father’s Day.

“8 seasons of Full House9 seasons as the voice of Future (Dad) Ted on #HIMYM – has there ever been a better TV dad than Bob Saget? “Thomas writes.” Thinking of him today, missing him, but grateful for the gifts he left behind for us all… Happy Father’s Day, Bob!

The official Full House account on Twitter also posted an image of Saget as Danny Tanner with Michelle and wrote, “We know everyone’s missing everyone’s favorite dad right about now.”

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Bob Saget Is Loved and Missed

Many are still mourning the shocking and sudden passing of Bob Saget, who died in January at the age of 65. Earlier this month, Netflix debuted the tribute special Dirty Daddy, which featured John Stamos along with others who were close with Saget sharing jokes and memories about the late comedian. Stamos believes Saget would have been happy with it. Lori Loughlin also spoke about how devastating losing Saget has been.

“I think it’s been really very heartwarming how people I do not know genuinely are coming up and saying, ‘I’m sorry for your loss. I’m so sorry. ‘ And then people talking about how much Bob meant to them, because (he’s) everyone’s dad, “Loughlin said on Instagram.” He’s part of everyone’s childhood. So, I think that’s the most touching part, just talking to fans and having them reach out and offer their condolences, but also just talk about how much Bob meant to them. It’s still hard for me to believe that Bob is gone. It really is. It’s just hard to believe. “

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